Reasons Why You Should Use A Sunscreen

Reasons Why You Should Use A Sunscreen

It’s summer again!!! And you are worried about your skin. Well, you should, but not only in summer. Throughout the year your skin needs protection. However a sunscreen lotion or gel should be a daily practice to keep your skin well protected. Most people are unaware of the endless benefits a sunscreen holds. So they keep themselves restricted from the product.

Here is a list of some reasons that a sunscreen encloses and why it should be used.


A protective shield:

The ozone layer of our atmosphere is a natural shield for our planet. But due to the worsening condition of our environment, it is continually depleting. Hence we have to put a barrier between the harmful UV rays and our skin. The sunscreen helps in this case. It safeguards the epidermis by blocking the harmful radiations. Of course you need vitamin D for the skin but an excess of it, is unsafe.


Discards early aging:

Regular exposure to the sun rays can make you look aged at an early stage. The rays may start to develop wrinkles, fine lines and other aging signs on your face. On using sunscreen these signs get alleviated and the aging symptoms do not approach before time. Hence the radiance and glow of the face remains maintained.


Lessens the risk of skin cancer:

You can use sunscreen as a product for beauty or a medicine. Yes, you heard it right. Sunscreen is medicinal too. It guards your skin from the rays of the sun which can cause skin cancer. There are various types of skin cancer. One such type is melanoma which may be caused as a result of the continuous exposure to the sun rays. Melanoma may become life threatening sometimes and it especially affects women in their 20s. The use of sunscreen provides a screening effect and your skin is saved.


No more sunburn:

Sunburn is yet another significant and harmful consequence of skin subjected to sun rays. Sunburn makes the skin reddish and dull. In serious cases, it causes pain and itching. Sunscreen creates a layer on the skin which acts as a safeguard and prevents the skin from sunburn.


No tanning:

The ultraviolet-B rays of the sun induces tanning on the skin. While tanning is healthy, the excess of it can cause harm. Sensitive skin is more prone to tanning and gets tanned easily and quickly. So, why to give your skin a tanned look??? Therefore a sunscreen of a good sun protective factor known as SPF should be used on a regular basis.


Obtain healthier skin:

Our skin is composed of protein compounds. Elastin, collagen and keratin are the proteins which are present in our skin layers to give it a healthy look. They also make the skin smooth. The harmful rays of the sun may destroy these components thus minimising the smoothness and healthy look of the skin. Hence one should use sunscreen gel or lotion and protect these protein components to obtain a healthier skin.


Advantage for swimmers:

Sunscreens are waterproof. Hence swimmers do not have to take the stress that their skin would remain unprotected while swimming. They can very well apply the lotion or gel and swim comfortably. Thus it is an advantage to the swimmers.


Good as a cosmetic:

You need not have to worry what to put on along with sunscreen. Sunscreen is itself a cream. Before going out you can use only sunscreen as a cosmetic. A good brand won’t put you in trouble and hence you will not require any other cream if sunscreen is applied once.


With benefits in hand do not miss a chance of using a sunscreen and keeping your skin protected. Give it a shot and utilise the cream to its maximum to have a beautiful and healthier skin.

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