Rainy Season Foods You Can Include In Your Diet

Rainy Season Foods You Can Include In Your Diet

Let us see in the following lines what should be taken in the rainy season.


  1. Ginger:Well, I must say that whenever you speak of the rains, ginger will definitely strike your mind in the first place. We often resort to ginger tea during the rainy months. Ginger refreshes your mood as well as helps to boost your metabolic rates. You just need to grate a fine piece of ginger and add to the tea you are making.


  1. Pears: Pears can be made as an excellent choice during the rainy season. It has a great amount of vitamins and minerals that help to protect you from several diseases that are likely to catch you during the rains. Pears are an excellent source of vitamin C, vitamin B2, vitamin E, Copper as well as potassium. Pears are an effective choice during fever as they help to cool down the body. So, undoubtedly they are a great choice you can make.


  1. Turmeric: Turmeric is also an excellent choice as it helps a lot by boosting your immune systems. It acts as a natural antiseptic as well as antibiotic. And, turmeric along with milk and honey is often given to patients suffering from cough, cold and fever. Turmeric also helps to maintainthe blood sugar levels under normal control.


  1. Black Pepper:You can add black pepper to any food you are eating to add a splendid taste to it.It acts as natural cure for cough, cold, fever, muscle pain, flu as well as several other problems.


  1. Almonds:Well, being an extremely rich source of a variety of nutrients including proteins, almonds are an excellent choice that you can make during the rainy season.


  1. Apples: It is true that if you eat apple every day you can keep a number of diseases at an arm’s length.It helps a lot in helping your digestion and keeping your health perfect.


  1. Pomegranate: Pomegranates are very good source of vitamins, especially vitamin C, which help in the metabolism of protein in your body. Hence, it helps to fight a huge number of health issues.


  1. Beetroot:Beetroot has properties like boosting the body’s metabolism as well as immunity power and hence helps a lot by protecting you from diseases.


  1. Water:Water is the most essential element that is required by your body. Try to drink minimum 4 liters of water in a day to keep your metabolism running smoothly.


 Foods to eat and foods to avoid:

  1. Eat a hell lot of fruits such as pomegranates, guavas, mangoes, apples, and pears etc.
  1. Try to eat low sodium containing foods if you want to reduce water retention as well as hypertension.
  1. Try to have dry foods rather than water rich foods
  1. Try to opt for whole wheat, barley as well as oats.
  1. You can safely choose yogurt to be included in your diet.
  1. Reduce intake of tomatoes as well as tamarind to check water retention in the body.
  1. Lower your intake of meat and fish.
  1. Drink green tea if possible and tea along with ginger, cinnamon, black pepper.
  1. Try to reduce your intake of caffeine.
  1. Reduce the intake of vegetables such as spinach as well as frenugreek
  1. You can safely include salads in your daily diet.
  1. Try to have Luke warm water on an empty stomach in the morning with honey, ginger, and black pepper mixed in it.
  1. Try to cut down intake of ice creams.


Well, last but not the least, try to exercise daily and walk a mile to maintain a good health and improve digestion. Until you work out a little, you can never expect a healthy body.

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