Raw food eating habit is quite admirable than any diet habits. It gives a lot of positive benefits to the dieter. The vegetables, fruits and nuts that give complete necessary energy requirements to our body. Moreover the fresh veggies are high in nutrients.

The improper cooking would ever result in serious side effects and sometimes it would lead to food poison. So, cooking is not an easy task as it might result on the in takers’ life.


Benefits of Raw Food:

The major benefit of taking raw food items is acquiring the complete nutrients from the food we have in our hand without any loss.


Raw food Breakfast or Brunch:

Omitting breakfast is the serious first step to damage our health. So, try to have a cup of fresh food every day in the morning as a duty like brushing.


Some Breakfast recipes:

  1. A glass of water as soon as you got up, after cleaning your mouth.


  1. Come out of your house and expose yourself to fresh air for, at least for five minutes.


  1. Then, take glass of buttermilk with a bit of ginger mix.


  1. If you are against buttermilk, take a medium glass of carrot juice or beet root juice. It would be better if without sugar.


  1. Half an hour before breakfast, have a cup of sliced apple.


  1. At breakfast, don’t hesitate to sit on the floor. Have a cup of chopped vegetables that you like to eat raw.

Especially, we are fond of cucumber, carrot, cabbages, tomato, sweet potatoes, nuts etc.,

Take a bowl and chop your favourite vegetables and spray the required amount of pepper to it. Mix it well and take as fresh as it is.

While choosing the vegetables, note that all the fruits are equal in state to chew. Because sweet potatoes are a bit harder than cabbages and tomatoes. Select according to your grinding teeth.

Any fruit or vegetable sprayed with pepper would be delicious. If required, add a half pinch of salt; it would be better if avoid it.

Onions give spicy taste. Chopp according to your desire and sprinkle over the bowl. Coriander leaves are good in flavor and also good for health. Just pick the leaves and garnish over the slices.

If required, spray a powdered elaichi, but a little amount.

Raisins and nuts play their delicious role when you take it with fruits, and also with vegetables they give a special taste.

Add almond, cashew and favourite nuts as chopped or powdered as you wish but limited in level.

A small cup of sprouted mixed grains.

Serve the bowl with a medium sized banana aside. A cup of milk with half a spoon of honey mixed on the other side.

Do you think, the bowl would make you starve until lunch? Of course not.


  1. For lunch, have a glass of fruit juice or green leafy juice with a bowl of favourite vegetables or a sliced apple. A cup of sprouted mixed grains would be better for chewing at lunch.


Fruit salads would offer the required energy you want. immediate energy booster is- banana. When you feel tired, take a medium sized banana and swallow at once and find the change in you.


  1. Other breakfast recipes:

Sweet museli recipe,

Raw cashew cream.

Raw nut yogurt.

Soaked oats overnight (without cooking)

Raw apple cinnamon oatmeal

Raw trail mix.

Raw foods granola with goji berries.

Green smoothies.

Green smoothie with orange juice

Green smoothie with pineapple

Raw mango shake

Banana carob smoothie

Creamy chocolate shake


  1. Breakfast drinks:

Spiced Indian Chai

Milk with almond powder mix/ elaichi / honey/ cashew


Stick with fresh veggies and live long!

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