Purine Rich Foods

Purine Rich Foods

Introduction : Purine

Foods are not just meant to eat it’s a fuel to our body. Just like if we are using good quality fuel for machines so the outcome will be good. So our health depends on our eating habits or the type of our diet. We must eat good to think good.

Purine are found in all foods and are common ingredient’s in all foods. They are fairly widespread occurrence and is part of our gene structure. Normally they are found in all type of foods however they are found in concentrate proportions in some foods, mainly high protein foods.


Purines in Human Body

When cells die and are broken down, the purines also are broken down. The purines are converted into uric acid. Naturally formed uric acid are essential and are not harmful to the body. Uric acid acts as an anti-oxidant and helps to prevent damage to blood linings. Hence a limited amount of uric acid is necessary for out body.

However anomalies occur when there is excess of uric acid in our body. Kidneys which is responsible for keeping the uric acid level in balance, is where most of concentration of uric acid occurs. Also excess breakdown of cells results in more purine breakdown into uric acid. Excess of uric acid collection leads to formation of uric acid crystals which get accumulated in kidneys, tendons and other organs. This condition is called as ‘gout arthritis’ or ‘gout’.


Relation between Purine and Health

As already mentioned purine breakdown helps in uric acid formation which helps prevent blood lining damage, a limited amount intake of purine based food is necessary. Since purine is available almost foods, no specific diet is necessary as such.

The ill effects of excess purine in the body can result in various kinds of ailments like cerebral palsy, reduced body resistance against diseases or inability to speak or walk. Also various ailments and habits like excessive drinking and unhealthy lifestyle may lead to kidney to malfunction leading to excess uric acid. Gout can be cured by reducing the intake of purine rich foods.

The average required consumption of purine is about 600-1000 milligrams. For patients with severe cases gout, intake of purine rich foods should be reduced drastically.


Sources of purine rich foods

The effect of purine on our body depends on the source from which it is obtained. Purines obtained from fish and meat are found to increase chances of gout than purine obtained from vegetables are found to have minimal impact. Purine obtained from dairy are found to lower the risk of gout.

Sources of extreme purine levels Kidney meat,   Animal Liver, Sardines, Breads
Sources of moderate purine levels Meat of Sheep, Turkey. Fish items like Codfish oil, Tuna. Pork, Chicken Meat. Vegetables like Spinach, Cauliflower


Reducing chances of Gout

The best precaution is to have a controlled intake of purine rich foods. A perfectly healthy body will absorb only the required amount of purine from the intake and reject the rest. For a person diagnosed with gout, low purine content food is to be consumed following strictly the nutrionist’s advice. Vegetable purine can be easily consumed while care and control should be exercised while consuming meat and fish based purine.


Summary : How to Consume Purine Rich Foods

If you are suffering from any type of high level of uric acid or gout then its advised to follow low-purine diet. Different body reacts differently to different kind of fruits so we have to be be in regular contact of our family doctor and must follow the diet chart recommended.

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