Prune juice for constipation

Prune juice for constipation

We know juices are very beneficial for the health and help to treat different kind of diseases and constipation is one of them. It is a very common problem nowadays and this problem mainly arises due to improper diet. This problem is treating due to different ways but home remedies are the best option from them.


How you can diagnose constipation?

Normally it is diagnose due to the bowel movement but if there are less than three bowel movement in a week then you are suffering from this problem. There are some symptoms are described below.

• Infrequent bowel movements than normal
• Dry, tough and unpleasant bowel movement
• The need to go again right after one bowel movement
• Proper Difficulty in flitting stools
• Stools with blood
• Cramps and abdominal pain

The main cause it to do not take the proper diet or to miss some important diet like fiber or other things or another reason is irregular schedule.


Prune juicing to treat constipation

Normally constipation is irritating everyone but there are several home remedies are available to treat this problem. Shear juice is one of the best homemade remedy to get rid from this problem. It contains several nutrients which help to treat constipation.

1. Fibers: –
prunes are rich source of fiber which is very essential for the body. Fiber also increases the haemoglobin like dalia and pulpy fruit are rich in fiber which help to soothing the stools. Mostly fibers are found in fruits in comparison to juices and dieticians are also recommending eating fruits for the fiber. Fibers are of two types soluble and insoluble. Soluble fiber helps to make the stools texture soft which can easily pass out. Insoluble fiber does not make any change. If you take one cup of prune juice then it provide enough fiber around 20-25gm of fiber in a day.

2. Sorbitol:- as we know that prune juices are rich in sugar for the good taste but there is also sugar free juices are available in market which people try for diet. Sorbital also known as “non-stimulating laxative”. Sorbitol helps to get rid of this problem. Normally water is absorbed by the colon from stools but sorbitol opposes this. Sorbital has driven the water back to the colon to remove constipation.

3. Phenolic compounds:- phenolic compounds are mainly found in plants and protect your body form cell aging. Phenolic compound are found in prune juices in less amount in comparison to prune juice which help to treat constipation. This compound helps to treat constipation faster.

4. Dihydroxyphenyl Isatin:- this is also one of the compound that are found in prune juice is very effective to treat constipation. Its mainly help to increase the secretion of fluid in the intestinal wall to makes stools soft and help to treat the constipation.


Effective prune juices for constipation:-

Here are two effective prune juices are described which help to cure constipation.

1. Prune juice and apple juice:- we know that prune juices are very effective for the constipation. Take 2-3 glasses of prune juice on an empty stomach for the better effect. After some time almost 30 minutes take another glass of apple juices and at last after 1 hour take another glass of apple juice. These glasses of juices are enough for the bowel movement.

2. Prune juice and oat milk:- this is another effective remedy to gt rid from constipation. Take half glass of prune juice and half glass of oat milk and mix them together and drink this mixture. It is must to drink this mixture on an empty stomach without drinking a glass of water also. After few days you notice the effect of this drink.

These are effective home remedies for constipation which definitely work. This problem is very common but this can irritate them. So try thee remedy and have benefits of it.

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