Potassium Deficiency – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Potassium Deficiency – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Potassium is usually a vitamin which is essential to the suitable working associated with our body. It has some sort of pivotal part within the constructing associated with muscle groups, the conversion process associated with sugar for you to glycogen and total improvement with the human body. Insufficient potassium within the blood vessels degrees causes a disorder known as ‘Hypokalemia’. Some of the characteristics on this problem are usually exhaustion, allergy symptoms, formation associated with kidney gems and zits.


Causes of potassium deficit:

Potassium deficit inside humans generally occurs as a result of usage of an eating plan which is lacking in clean fruits and vegetables. Green leafy veggies, some fruits similar to bananas and oranges, whole grains, seafood’s, and particular herbs are potassium-rich food items. The losing of body fluids in the body as a result of throwing up, diarrhea or hyperhidrosis, eliminates away potassium that may also produce its deficit. Usage of particular prescription medications or issues inside wellness as a result of diabetes or malfunctioning with the kidneys can also trigger the actual expulsion on this vitamin on the human body.
Potassium deficit Symptoms:

  • Pain or weakness with the muscle groups.
  • Painful with the muscle groups as a result of rigidity.
  • Stomach bloated tummy or cramping.
  • Heart palpitations.
  • Spells associated with dizziness and fainting.
  • Intense desire and repeated urination.
  • Numbness and tingling feeling.
  • Potassium deficit ailments and treatment:


  1. Kidney condition:

Potassium sustains liquid, electrolyte and pH degrees in the body. This is an essential vitamin which in turn facilitates the actual kidneys inside blocking blood vessels. Healthful potassium blood vessels degrees are usually involving 3. 5 – 5. 0 me/L. Virtually any serious changes inside these kinds of degrees could be unsafe to the kidneys.

  1. Irregular working with the coronary heart:

Potassium is important to the efficient working associated with muscle groups which includes coronary heart. Reduced potassium degrees trigger infrequent heartbeats and inside serious instances might produce cardiac police arrest.

  1. Excessive blood vessels force:

Sufficient degrees of potassium within the blood stream are necessary to overpower blood vessels force. Hypertension or high blood vessels force is usually a problem that the force with the blood vessels going on the coronary heart is actually increased. That comes about if the kidneys expel potassium although keep salt. Shortness associated with breathing, exhaustion, coronary heart palpitations and dizziness are usually a few of the symptoms associated with high blood vessels force.

  1. Headaches:

A deficiency of potassium is one of the causes of the actual recurring happening associated with headaches or migraine headaches inside people who are at risk of this specific long-term problem. Growing the quantity of potassium within the diet regime might present some alleviation.

  1. Physical weakening:

Whenever potassium degrees within the blood stream fall substantially, this causes hypokalemia. Lean muscle weakness is one of the prevalent features of hypokalemia, along with exhaustion, cramping and coronary heart palpitations. Within serious instances, as a result of a breakdown with the buff fibers this may result in paralysis.

  1. Diabetic Difficulties:

Diabetics who suffer from low degrees of potassium usually have got high blood glucose levels. That decreases the actual tenderness with the human body for you to insulin.

  1. Alopecia or Hair thinning:

An eating plan inferior inside potassium may cause hair for you to fallout. Decrease in hair or ‘Alopecia’ could also arise as a result of fungus infection, ingestion associated with particular prescription drugs, chemotherapy, or metal deficit way too.

  1. Abdomen problem:

Decreasing associated with potassium degrees in the body may cause a great annoyed abdominal through decline the actual muscle groups with the gastrointestinal region. Queasiness, throwing up, bloated tummy and constipation are usually a few of the other unwanted effects associated with potassium deficit…

  1. Psychological exhaustion:

Reduced degrees of potassium make a difference to the actual psychological wellness of any person way too. It may reveal itself as major depression, mood ups and downs, being easily annoyed, disorientation or bipolar problem.

  1. Pores and skin problems:

Potassium deficit may cause pores and skin problems similar to pores and skin eruptions, dryness associated with pores and skin, scorching, zits and many others.

Treatment options with regard to Potassium Insufficiency:

  • So that you can make sure that there’s zero debt on this vitamin within your body; include things like lots of potassium-rich food items inside your daily diet regime.
  • Offer your system constantly along with body fluids for you to dietary supplement any reduction as a result of human body secretions.
  • Deal with diarrhea or throwing up directly to avoid additionally lack of potassium.
  • If the body is dangerously low in potassium, it is possible to take health supplements for you to in the degrees. You should definitely talk to a physician before you decide to complete a similar.

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