Eating healthy food is the basic need of human beings. But a special area which requires special sort of care and attention is of female folk who undergo painful biological modifications every month in form of menstrual cycles. Menstrual phase is symbolized by mood swings, bloating, weakness, irritation and constant headache sometimes. But eating right food during menstrual cycles can surely give you much required relief from menstrual cramps and related factors. Here is a complete list of the food you should eat during bleeding period:


Popcorn: Odd it may sound, but it is quite true that popcorns are best stimulators during periods and they can help you gain some strength during that uneasy phase. Popcorns provide a constant supply of energy required for carrying out day to day activities.


Eggs: Eggs can help you gain some strength during that phase. Eggs also act as anti-depressant. They can elevate your mood and thus make you happier, which is not bad at all.


Bananas: It is a common phenomenon that most of the women find it hard to sleep during continuous cramps and back pain. At that time, melatonin present in bananas can act as natural sleep inducer. It can also help you in regulating the menstrual flow of your body.


Chicken: Chicken aids the production of hormones in your body. It is best food during periods and pregnancy.


Yogurt: Yogurt contains live cultures of bacteria which help in digestion process of the body. Yogurt is very good source of calcium too. Having good calcium content in the body can make us look young and energetic during periods.


Tea: It is actually a source of manganese. Caffeine is bad during menstrual periods, but at the same time traditional tea which has very less caffeine content has good effect on periods. Ginger tea is considered superior over all others. It has some special indigents which relives the body ache and also sooth the nerves of the body.


Pineapple: A recent report stated that fruits which have high content of manganese help women during menstrual phase. The best fruit in the market and that too with the highest content of manganese in it is pineapple. Pineapple also contains special enzymes which help in reducing menstrual cramping.


Broccoli: It is a very rich source of energy and is easily accessible in almost all parts of world. Broccoli needs to get the proper attention by the health geeks due to its life saving and boosting properties.


Green Leafy Vegetables: Most of the Green leafy vegetables are having abundant content of vitamins, minerals and provide good calories. Some of the green leafy vegetables which are good source of calories are Mustard Greens, Spinach, Turnip and Swiss chard.


Here is the list of food items which we should not eat during pms :

Fatty Foods: Fatty foods are taboo during pregnancy. We should avoid eating having fatty food during periods as they make them messier.

Sugar rich foods: Foods having high content of sugar must be avoided at all costs. Sugar content in the food increases the blood sugar level of the body and thus initiates more chemical modifications n the body.

Fast foods: We should try to eat home cook food only during periods. The fast food is processed in bad oil and that too in unhygienic way; therefore there is strong need to avoid fast foods during menstrual cycles.

Apart from above mentioned facts, we should try to drink plenty of water. Water is a natural cleaner of the body. Excessive fluid retention is one of the basic causes of painful cramps during periods. The only way to tackle and fight back cramps is to increase the water consumption capacity during periods.


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