Plastic Surgeries/ Cosmetic Procedures You Didn’t Know Existed

Plastic Surgeries/ Cosmetic Procedures You Didn’t Know Existed

Plastic surgeries and cosmetics are the trends where millions of rupees are being spent by people, even in a poor country like India, to enhance one’s looks! People who carry out these procedures are also minting money to tap upon the lucrative business of looking good! But for all the hoopla there are some procedures which the public is not aware of, even though these have been in trend for a long time. Let’s see if we are aware of them!


Freezing Fat:

Have you heard about Cool sculpting by Zeltiq? Here goes. It is a procedure where a non evasive method is used to reduce fat using cryolipolysis. This is a procedure where fat cells are frozen. The target area is sandwiched between two cooling panels. The patient is made to lie for about three hours on their side during which time the panel freezes the fat cells. After wards the patients body takes over and within a period of say about three to four months the crystallized fat cells are broken down and begin to shrink and eventually completely eliminated in a natural way from the body. To stay in this way one has to follow a trend of regular exercise. The cost may vary from rupees 40000 to 80000.


Acne Treatment:

The procedure is called Isolaz. Here a cleansing vacuum loosens the pores and extracts dirt and excess oil from the pores and with the help of a broadband light destroys the acne causing bacteria. The advantage of this procedure is that there is no redness or crusting. Cost is about rupees 12000 to 25000


Hair Removal:

Who likes to see a beautiful face with hair all over. Hair can spoil the looks of the most beautiful woman. The method to remove this is called Light Sheer Duet. In this a vacuum assisted laser, which is a larger beam over the conventional beam, enables greater penetration and allows for faster treatment. Within a span of about 15 minutes an entire back or a pair of legs can be done. This treatment is where the hair is in an active growth phase. As all hair are not in in that phase all the time, so three to seven treatment are required and price is not fixed but can start at about rupees 25000.


Semi Permanent Mascara:

The procedure lasts for about a month and a half and employes people who are trained in this It is called Lash Dip. It coats lashes in a black colored gel that helps to curl and add volumes and great length and colour. The user simply applies a Lash seal, a gloss  three times a week to extend the wear. The cost is about rupees 12000 to 18000.


Stem Cell Facelift:

Fat is implanted into parts of the face where there are wrinkles to give the face a youthful look! The benefit of doing this procedure is that over the conventional methods like Botox implant etc this method can make the fat implanted to last for about four years. By injecting fat into the required area or affected part enhances the skin’s metabolism and with time the skin rejuvenates.

Fat is removed from abdomen or buttocks and blood and other fluids are removed from this and it is inserted into the required area. The procedure lasts for about two hours and the patient needs to have an attendant with him to drive him home. The area treated should not be massaged so as to allow the injected material to settle down. Moderate to severe swelling can last for about 3 days. Cost varies from about rupees 90000 to about 180000 and for the full face from 300000 to 500000


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