Pigmentation during pregnancy – How to protect yourself

Pigmentation during pregnancy – How to protect yourself

Dark patches on your skin is consider as a case of pigmentation and this problem find mostly during pregnancy in woman’s so awareness about pigmentation is necessary these dark skin patches usually found on your face. These patches scientifically known as chlvasma or melisma gravid rum. Woman’s having a bit darks complexion after more in respect of with woman’s heaving fair complexion. Sometime this pigmentation during pregnancy also occurs because of heredity. This skin problem is temporarily thought it will go after your delivery but it seems a bit comfortable during pregnancy Due to your pregnancy you cannot feel comfortable going for beauty treatments so it is better dealing with these pigmentation with natural remedies.


Causes of Skin pigmentation:- Melisma and chiliasm are consider as the change in pigmentation in pregnant woman commonly it called most of pregnancy mostly it affect different part of your face but sometimes it also appear elsewhere on your body. During the period of pregnancy the hormones production in created and it result in to unwanted pigmentation. Some common causes of pigmentation are –

  • Depression:
  • Regular exposure to sun light:
  • In case of first pregnancy:


Prevention: this is difficult to prevent pigmentation during pregnancy but some tips can helps you to keep skin pigmentation at a day.

  • Use sunscreen even you are not out in the sun it can minimized the pigmentation during pregnancy but if you are out so cover yourself properly with dupatta or scarf which helps you in avoiding sun rays falling directly. Try to use sunscreen which has SPF 30.


  • Don’t try different n different products on your skin during pregnancy period just stick to one you are confident ahead.


  • Avoid self-medication. If you need any medication you should contact with your doctor self-medication is not good, it bit risky because pregnancy is very dedicated situation.


  • If these patches make you uncomfortable then use light tinted bronzer which helps you in hiding the patches.


  • After delivery try to stay at home for some time because skin exposure in sun ten affects you most in this period that can cause skin pigmentation.



Some natural remedies helps prevent for skin pigmentation in pregnancy.

Every woman want to glow during her pregnancy but because of pregnancy nobody wants to take a chance with chemical treatment so natural treatment are good in this period of time.

  • Tomato or Cucumber: Either of tomato or cucumber mix with milk and apply this on affected skin, it gives really good result.


  • Aloe gel: Aloe vera has lot of good properties which helps your skin looks younger and healthier. Apply aloe gel on pigmented skin and after 15-20 minutes wash it off using luke warm water for Best result use it regularly.


  • Honey and Almonds: Combination of Honey and Almonds into a fine paste in a useful paste which helps your skin looks healthy and soft.


  • Diet: Diet which contains vitamin E is very beneficial for skin, so make sure that you consume diet which contains vitamin E and you can also massage using oil based on vitamin E on affected area on skin.


  • Papaya face pack: Papaya mix with curd really helps those affected areas of your skin. it helps in lighten the dark spots. You can make a face mask using half cup of mashed papaya pulp, one tea spoon of lemon juice and honey and 1/4th cut of curd and use this mixture to affected area and after half an hour wash it off with warm water.


  • Potato: Potato also helps your pigmented skin and regular use of potato can do wonders for you just cut the potato and rub it on your affected skin you observe the difference surely.

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