Peter criss(kiss) make up

Peter criss(kiss) make up

Are you bored with your old look in Halloween or any kind of theme party? Do you want to try something different from others? Then peter criss(kiss) make up is best for you. To look like a princess or any other story character is very common. So, if you really need to try something different from others then peter criss make is best choice for you.

It is not difficult to look like peter criss. Here we explain steps to get the peter criss make up look which make so you different from others and be the center of attraction of attraction to the party.

1. Take foundation which is suitable to you and apply it correctly and apply it with the powder to set the makeup.

2. Use these things as a base for every look. Use a sponge to mix them completely to the skin for the complete look.

3. After applying base now its turn to eye makeup. Take a pencil and make two lines from eyes to nose. But draw lines from the corner of the eyes.

4. Now draw a line which is aside from the top line of the eyes and leave it as it is.

5. You need to make a fish tale like structure to below the eyes and cover the whole eyes witht his structure.

6. After that create the cat like bread for enhancing the look.

7. Create a line from let to right and right to left, just like cat.

8. It is important to draw both lines as symmetry.

9. Now it’s time to decorate your nose with black pencil as you want.

10. Fill the eyes structure with the black colour paint to gives cat eye look to your eyes. And after that use shimmery colour for the eyes using the brush.

11. For the lips you can choose bright colour like red colour which gives you original look.

These are few tips to make your look like peter criss for the theme or Halloween party. Now don’t think too much about the look for the Halloween party because you got the new and different look for the party.

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