Want to enhance your own odour the easiest way to do this to apply perfume over the body or over the clothes. Perfume as we all know is a substance which gives us great fragrance so that we smell better. Many natural and man-made materials are available in market. Naturally perfumes are made through the flowers, herbs, spices and other aromatic items by synthesis them. In ancient times people made perfumes at home by extracting oils from flowers and through streaming that oil. Today, perfumes are made with synthetic chemicals rather than natural oils because of frequently manufacturing. Perfume is also a way to understand someone. Perfume is also a part of one’s personality and behaviour. Just like clothes, accessories and hairstyles it is also important that which type fragrance you wore.  The main reason to apply perfume is to improve the mood and to energize, to refresh etc. Fragrance smells varies person to person according to their skin type, lifestyle, environment, stress etc. Various perfumes are available in market but need to choose them carefully because sometimes they cause allergic reaction.  It is necessary to choose right perfume but if applied incorrectly then it go wrong.



  • Do not rub perfume because that havocs the fragrance molecules. Rubbing the perfume is a common habit people thought they spread it, but it’s not right. Instead of rubbing let it dry naturally.
  • Apply perfume to your pulse point where the blood flow is strongest like inside wrist, back of knees, neck, behind ears etc. And fragrance easily spread to overall body.
  • Also apply scent outward of your hand for lighter fragrance.
  • Another method that is wired but usable, spray perfume in air and walk through that which is most useful for lighter scent. Due to direct applying perfume its fragrance is much stronger.
  • Spray perfume from five to six inches.



Synthetic perfumes are made up of toxic chemicals. Different types of fragrances are used in varied industries like cleaning, laundry, soap, shampoo etc. Evidence shows that some fragrances can cause allergic reactions like asthma, headache and skin reactions. Perfumes also contain alcohol in it because alcohol is great solvent and it easily spread in surrounding. These perfumes contain a large amount of ethyl alcohol which is harmful for skin. That’s why alcohol-based perfumes are widely used. But it is not suitable for all type of skin. It not only causes skin irritation but also considered as poison. So always use alcohol free perfumes which damage skin less. In fact, mostly allergic problems are found due to alcohol-based perfumes.

Non alcoholic perfumes even much better than alcohol-based perfumes. These perfumes are lasts for up to 12 hours at a time. These perfumes are suitable for most sensitive skin. Ittar is a natural perfume which is made from natural things like flowers, wood etc. These are offered for sale in small quantity and also use as a decorative piece. It is used in small quantity but its fragrance is strong than perfume.



Synthetic perfumes are not only used for enhance the body odour but also used in cleaning, laundering and in other cosmetic items like hair spray, creams, hair oil etc.

Scents are also used in cleaning products for removing the unpleasant smell of chemicals. Almost every cleaning product contains different types of scent to make them more popular. Just like cleaning products, laundry products also contain scent to remove bad smell of cleaning agents. Nowadays, scents are used at large scale but these scents are widely used in cosmetic products. Almost every cosmetic product contains scent in it which is not very effective for skin because these contains many chemical. So always use natural cosmetic products and these products are not harmful for skin.

We know that synthetic scents are harmful for skin so every one wants to use natural products for there safety. But no one understood that for this reason illegal trafficking and harvesting increases. Just like if there is demand of natural scent increases then it affects the flowers because natural scents are made from extraction of oil from flower.



  • Applying petroleum jelly where you will need to apply the perfume and give scent something to stick.
  • Immediately applying perfume after shower because warm skin soak the scent and lasts for long time.
  • If your perfume faded then rub the scented area.
  • For dry skin perfume is must.
  • Wash your skin before applying perfume for the reason that it last longer on moist skin or clean skin.



  • Always keep perfumes in cool and dry place for longer fragrance.
  • If we are purchasing perfume for someone else then light floral are better than exotic fragrances.
  • Do not keep perfume bottles in direct sunlight.
  • Excessive heat will lessened the fragrance.



  • Pick a perfume according to your choice-: According to your place choose your perfume like if want to go party then, you should apply strong perfume.


  • Test a perfume-:
  1. Test a perfume on a piece of paper but one thing kept in mind that paper does not smells exactly same way as our body. So, it is suggested to test fragrance of perfume inside to your wrist. And it will give you better idea about the fragrance.
  2. Do not test it on cloths because garments don’t smells like perfume. Perfume can stain and discolour your fabric. So don’t apply it on dressed.
  3. Perfumes have three notes of fragrance: the top, the middle and base. Top notes consists light molecules that evaporate within five minutes. After evaporation of top notes, middle notes are remaining about fifteen minutes. The fragrance remain over the body is from middle and base notes. Base note consists large and heavy molecules that evaporates slowly.


  • Number of scents tests at once:- There is a limit of testing perfumes at once, only three perfumes can be tested after that sense of smell becomes scram. So it’s best way to test selected perfume at once.




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