Pastel goth make up

Pastel goth make up

We know about various types of makeup like skull, peter criss make up which you can try at home, but you also have and chance to try pastel goth make up which was evolved in 2015 to give you an innovative look. It is not compulsory to try this look completely you can also try different tricks to look different from others.

Make up:-

1. For the pastel goth make up you should use white foundation to set the makeup,it is act as a base for the makeup.
2. Now for the eyes apply the liner which you use on the upper part of the eyes.
3. For the lower part of the eyes, you want to use white eye liner.
4. After liner now take your mascara and apply it. To enhancing your eyes you can use fake eye lashes for complete look.
5. Now apply blush whatever you like.
6. Aply dark colour lipstick like red, orange, black, purple, green.
7. Now wear your bronzer which is must for pastel goth make up.


1. Make up is nor enough fort hr pastel look, you also want to set your hair.
2. You can try different colours for your hair platinum blonde, blackish or whitish.
3. Different colours like baby pink, blue, lavender etc. These also gives you the perfect look.


1. Before starting your make up first clean your skin and moisturize it.
2. Take a little amount of foundation and apply evenly on your face. You can also use sponge for perfect application it on the face.
3. In this look you want to make white face of yours, so use powder for it and apply it generously on face.
4. But one thing keep in mind blend the powder and foundation evenly.
5. Eyes make up is essential for the goth look. Apply eye liner and make some hairy look to the upper eyes portion and also use fake eye lashes.
6. Apply metallic colour eyeshade to the eyes. And gives Smokey look to the eyes.
7. After that apply dark colour lipstick as you want.
8. Try different hair colour like white, blue, pink. But if you have an issue with this and do not want too much experiment with your hair then you can use fake hair for you and get a look of pastel goth make up.

Now you are one step back from this look, you just need to think about your dress and accessories for the perfect look. So follow these steps for the pastel goth look for the party.

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