Organic hair treatment

Organic hair treatment

Natural products and treatments are best for any type of problem. The give effective result on any problem related to hair like hair fall. It’s one of mazer and popular problem in all which is so famous today. Some where we all face this problem and try to get rid out of this. The organic products are so good for this type of problem and make hair strong naturally. The will give you best result on hair fall problem and make hair beautiful. Organic products can’t contains chemical who harm scalp and hair which make hair dull and rough so its best way to treat hair lose problem and to make hair healthy and strong. There are so many different type of organic treatments is popular today who helps to grow hair faster and make hair healthy.


Organic hair treatment–These treatments are so popular and effective. The make hair strong and beautiful and increase the hair growth and make them strong.

Different organic hair treatments–

  • Avocado treatment:-
  • mayonnaise
  • avocado


  • How to use—take an avocado and peel and mash it then take a bowl and mix half of cup mayonnaise in this and mix until it convert into green smooth paste and then apply on hair and rest for 20 min apply a shower cap on head and for more deep conditioning wrap a wet hot towel on hair and after some time when it dry rinse out.


  • Jojoba hot oil treatment:-
  • Rosemary (drayed)
  • Jojoba oil

How to use—take a bowl pour rosemary and jojoba oil warm and then stain and apply on hair like normal hair and massage for some time rest for whole night and at morning wash it with using shampoo.


  • Rosemary hot oil treatment:-
  • dried rosemary
  • Soybean Oil
  • Sunflower Oil

How to use–take a bowl and mix all the ingredients and warm lightly then strain it and apply this oil on head and massage gently on hair. After massage 20 min take a wet hot towel and cover all hair and after 15 min rinse out with shampoo.


Regular use of these simple organic treatments can give you healthy shine beautiful hair and make your hair strong and shine.



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