Orange eye make up

Orange eye make up

It is the dream of every girl to be the center of attraction of the party, but everything wants to be perfect like dress, make up, and hairstyle. Everything is noticeable in the party you cannot ignore any thing. So for the different look you can try orange eye make up for the gorgeous looks. Eyes make up always changes the look of your face, if you are bored with the black smokey eyes look; you can try something different like use different eye shadow for the stunning look. It is also look great for the every occasion like date, party etc. It will look best on you.

How to make up your eyes?

1. For the eye makeup first of all clean your face with the cleanser.

2. After that apply foundation and also use the concealer to hide the acne.

3. Take your make up powder that suits you most and apply it gently on your face.

4. Whenever we talk about the eye make it is must to apply eye primer to eye lids.

5. Whatever colour you want to apply like we are talking about the orange eye shadow, apply it in circular motion.

6. Blend the eye shadow well and you can also use gold color to mix it with the outer corner of the eyes. We can also use different colors like brown, rust and other dark colours.

7. But you want to take care of the color selection which goes well with the orange color.

8. Smokey look is my favourite, so you can also try the smokey look with this look.

9. For the smokey look use the black eye shadow color and apply tii with the orange color.

10. Blend the black color with the fingure for the perfect look.

11. If you have small eyes then to highlight them apply eye shadow under the eyebrows for the bigger look of the eyes.

12. Now its time the use eye liner to enhancing the beauty of your eyes.

13. At last use the mascara for the thicker eyes lashes which looks good with every make up or you can also use the products available in the market for the thicker look of the eye lashes.

14. Now you are ready for the party just apply your favourite color lipstick or you can also use lip gloss for decent look.

Orange colour is look good with the different type of the skin tone. There are various types of shades are available in orange colour, you just need to select the particular colour for your skin tone. For fair skin tone you can use the creamcile shade of orange color. For the medium skin tome coral orange color is best for the different effect to the eyes. For dark skin tone tangerine orange color is best, this gives the stunning look to your eyes. At last for the perfect look it is must to choose the best color for the eye makeup according to your skin tone. This gives the classy look and people remember you for your gorgeous eye makeup.

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