Ombre nail art

Ombre nail art

It’s a type of nail art it’s a shimmer effect with two shades nail print and give attractive and stylish look to you. It’s a type of nail art in which we give gradient effect to nails. In this nail art we apply light color nail paint on bottom and darker color at top on nails and for more beautiful look we give shimmer shade to nails and make nails more attractive and stylish. You can apply this at home with little effort and make nails attractive and stylish and beautiful. This nail art is so beautiful and stylish. This nail art is so simple and give you an attractive look to your nails and make nails beautiful and stylish at home we can apply this nail art with simple nail tools like 2 nail print and even coder and cotton but our eye bud and we can easily make design with this at home.


Step to make Ombre nail art design


Step1–first start with preparing your nails and for that take some water and start with socking nails in this for some time.

Step2–after that trims your nails and cut them in proper shape which you want and give a proper design to your nails.

Step3–remove all dust and then clean with nail polish remover and make skin clean and beautiful.

Step4–after that apply base cote on your nails to protect your nails and to secure them and it’s also protect nails from nail codes

Step5–then take 3 different shades and use this for your Ombre to make design on nails.

Step6–apply one lighter shade on nail print on nails. Then take any dark color and mix some black shimmer or sliver shimmer with this and mix it together little bit.

Step7–take a cotton and dip into this and apply on nail bottom and then dry it after that again apply and code of protector and then take a cotton bud and dip into nail remover and remove all excess other nail polish which appear on figures and your look is ready.


This look can be us with different type of shades and shimmer effect and it make nails attractive and stylish these nails are looks so stunning in party look also and give you a stunning stylish look and make your appearance different and stylish. And give your nails look like stunning diva.


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