Ombre lips are the next big thing on the runway and all models seem to be in love with this look. Ombre actually means ‘fade’ in layman language and Ombre lips is the blending of a light and a dark lip shade. Makeup artists believe that ombre lips help you get fuller lips and a different lip makeup look altogether. This look is loved by supermodels on the runway as well as Hollywood celebrities like Jessica Alba and Rachel Bilson. Thus if you are bored with your usual lipstick shades and want to ace the Hollywood makeup trend, read on to know the different methods on how you can rock the fun ombre lips!


Method 1:

STEP 1: PREPARE YOUR LIPS – The first and foremost step is to apply lip balm or petroleum jelly in order to eliminate dry and chapped lips. Makeup experts recommend that you use a face powder over your lips if you have pigmented lips.

STEP 2: APPLY THE DARKER SHADE – With the help of a lipstick brush, neatly apply the darker lip color right in the middle of your lower lips and smudge with the upper lip by pressing your lips together.

STEP 3: APPLY THE LIGHTER SHADE – Next, apply the light shaded lipstick to the centre of the lips and lightly pat using your ring finger. Ensure that you don’t merge the two shades as the dark and light shades need to be clearly visible.

STEP 4: THE FINAL TOUCHES – Finish it with a bright eye shadow and a dash of blush to get the ramp ombre lips look.


Method 2:

STEP 1: APPLY LIP BALM – Moisturize using a lip balm or petroleum jelly.

STEP 2: LINE YOUR LIPS – Neatly and carefully, outline your lips with a lip liner that is a shade darker than the lipstick you are going to be using. Blend the lip liner or keep shading (similar to how you would sketch on paper using a pencil)

STEP 3: FILL IN THE COLOR – Using a lipstick brush, apply the lipstick (ensure that it is of a lighter shade than the lip color) on your lips.

STEP 4: RE-OUTLINE – Lastly, outline your lips once again and pat with your finger tips to perfect your ombre lips.



Get the ombre red look:

This is the most popular ombre lip color sported by the supermodels and celebrities alike. Here’s how you can achieve it;

STEP 1: CONCEAL YOUR LIPS: Start this look by using a concealer on your lips to prevent bleeding of the lip stick.

STEP 2: USE A BLACK LINER AND OUTLINE YOUR LIPS: Use a water proof black eye pencil and outline your lips.

STEP 3: ADD IN THE RED COLOR: Fill your lips with a red lipstick using a lipstick brush. Ensure that you fill in every corner near the black liner as well in order to get a professional look. Pat using your finger tips in order to blend and voila! You are now ramp ready.



Exfoliate your lips: In order to prevent your lipstick from bleeding, you must exfoliate your lips with a homemade scrub and condition it with a lip balm.

Lip Liner is necessary: It is recommended that you line the outer side of your lips with an invisible lip liner to get a perfect pout.

Pick the right lip color: You must choose a lip color that is a shade or two darker than your natural lip color.

Choose contrasting colors: In order to create successful ombre lips, pick two different shades of the colors belonging to the same family.

With the above tutorial, we’re certain that you will successfully recreate the runway ombre lips and garner a number of compliments.

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