Olive oil for dry hair

Olive oil for dry hair

We face so many different type of problem related with hair like dull hair fizzy hair and UN-managed hair. These are so common problems in youth and young people. We use so many different types of products for dull and fizzy hair. But all the market products that contains chemical can harm your hair and make hair hard and we see so many different type of hair related problem. Olive oil can give so quick and effective result on the problem of dull dry hair and make hair shine smooth and beautiful. Its also good for skin and all type of scalp related problem and it’s also solve the problem of breakage and make hair healthy and beautiful naturally.


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Dry hair treatment with olive oil:

  • Reduce the problem of hair loss and dandruff–if we are suffering from the problem of hair lose and dandruff and make hair healthy and strong and make hair shine and strong. The problem related to scalp can also reduce the problem of all type of hair and make hair and scalp healthy.


  • Treat fizzy dull hair–if you are facing the problem of dry hair then it’s must that we use olive oil which contains high amount of vitamins and make hair healthy and strong and make him smooth naturally to treat fizzy hair its must that we massage with olive oil on hair regularly and we can see the magical effect on hair.


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  • Use olive oil contends shampoo–always use shampoo who contends olive oil. It will help you to heal your hair and give natural moisturizing. And make hair shine and healthy. and it will protect your hair from harsh chemical contend products


  • Conditioning with olive oil–if you use conditioner after shampoo then always buy a conditioner who contains rich amount of olive oil. It will helps you to protect your hair from harsh sun light and make hair shine and smooth or healthy.


  • Massage with olive oil–take some olive oil and warm it for some time and then massage with this gently and after that rest for whole night and at morning wash it with shampoo if you want more effective result then wash hair with cold water and band a warm wet towel on hair.


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Olive oil is best home remedies for all type of hair problem and treats hair gently if you take regular hair oil message to your hair.

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