Olive oil as makeup remover

Olive oil as makeup remover

Makeup is always important part of a girl life. The not only like makeup but the love to care makeup. Makeup enhances your beauty and makes your feature more sharp and clear. We all try so many types of makeup products and some time treatments also. There are different type of variety are available in market of makeup products. Some contains oil and some contents chemical. So it’s become so important that when we use makeup we remove this properly. There are so many different type of makeup remover products are available at market. These makeup products have take guaranty to remove your makeup completely but when we try this sometime over skin get irritated. And we face the problem of redness and itching.


It’s good that we always use homemade makeup remover products to remove makeup. This makeup’s not only remove makeup but also provide proper moisturization to your skin and make your skin healthy and clean the pores.


Olive oil is of pure natural and best makeup remover. It makes your skin not only clear but also removes the entire skin problem also. It clean the pores and make skin clean and it’s a best natural makeup remover. It will provide all the moisture to skin and make skin best we can use this makeup remover at home very easily.



How to use olive oil for makeup remover:

  • Castor oil
  • Olive oil
  • A clean cloth
  • Small bowl

How to use: to remove makeup with olive oil first take a small bowl and then pour some castor oil and olive oil into this and then mix them well and after this take oil mixture and massage on face in circular motion for few minute and then take a clean cloth and then genteelly rub the oil and remove the makeup properly from face.

It will not only clear makeup but also clean the pores and make skin clear and moisturize. So olive oil is a best way to remove makeup naturally


Other benefits of olive oil for skin:

  • Anti aging: we found different type of antioxidant in olive oil that makes your skin young and clear. It reduces the problem and all sing of aging.


  • Moisturize your skin: olive oil is natural oil it provide proper moisture to your skin. When we apply this oil it’s so light and skin can observe this easily so it’s a best moisturization for skin.


  • Healthy for hair: if we take regular oil massage with olive oil it may improve the texture of your hair. It makes hair shine strong and healthy. Olive oil is to light so over scalp can observe this easily.


  • Good for health: olive oil is so light and good for nails if we take regular olive oil massage on nails then it may make your nails stronger and naturally shine.


  • Avoid the chances of Brest cancer: olive oil is so light and good if we use olive oil in over food then it may provide so many healthy benefits and also prevent the chances of Brest cancer.


  • Weight loss: olive oil helps to decreases weight. If you are trying to reduce over weight then avoid any other vegetable oil and include olive oil in your regular diet it may help to reduce your weight.


So basically olive oil is good for health and skin. So next time when you want to remove makeup then use olive oil rather than any other market available makeup remover that harm your skin  So use natural makeup remover and provide proper moisturization to your skin and make skin healthy and clean.

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