Oily skin ‘care and treatment’

Oily skin ‘care and treatment’

Today’s world where everyone is so busy in his or her work and want to look appropriate according to his or her work .The role of good skin is very essential though good skin is necessary for good looks and it gives a good personality which requires for boosting a confidence of person so he or she can present himself or herself in proper way.

Having healthy flawless skin is dream of everyone specially teenagers and young adults. But some of us facing a problem having oily skin .Oily skin causes lots of problem for people not only in teenagers or young adults it cause a problem for all age groups .though it has some significance also like people having oily skin looking younger ,seems wrinkle less than those of people having dry or normal skin .But same time it is also a bitter truth the troubles are much more than its significance .The people having oily skin are always facing a problem to remove the shine from their chin and forehead .



  1. Oily skin is a problem that people often get through generation within family and sometime it becomes a family problem especially for female members of family and after a period it becoming outbreak of acne.


  1. Some women’s find this problem during menstrual periods, during pregnancy some finds birth control pills and some other also increase their skin oiliness and it increases their trouble.


  1. Hormonal changes in teenagers,and hormonal shift during adolescence ,hormonal imbalances can also upset the oil balance and increase oiliness in skin.


  1. Diet we follow, Cosmetics which we use, Weather condition where we live are also causes of oily skin.



  1. Oily skin needs proper cleansing with hot water because it dissolves skin oil much effectively than cold water.


  1. Avoid harsh products that strip your skin of and encourage flakiness choose your cleanser with care and which is suitable for your skin.


  1. Avoid artificial addictive’s which effect badly on your skin use only natural soap.


  1. Avoid skin care products those make your skin feeling dehydrated choose oil based products to cleanse oily skin.


  1. Limited washing not more than two or three times in a day too much washing will effect skin and it stimulate the skin to produce more oil.


  1. Avoid using cleansing which contain alcohol only apply natural oil free moisturizer to keep the skin supple.


  1. While cleansing massage your face properly with finger tips with upwards and outwards direction also effective but never rub soap into the skin it can clog pores.


  1. Apply clarifying mask one or two time in a weak is sufficient excess applying is not necessary.


  1. Avoid heavy cosmetics or other greasy makeup though they effect badly on oily skins. Use a light antiseptic night cream from time to time if you wish.


  1. Take a diet rich I proteins but restricted in sugar, fluids and salt.


Beauty is merely a skin deep but importance of good healthy flawless skin is much more important though it boost the confidence of person and he/she can demonstrate him/herself much more effectively .After all a flawless skin makes a glowing face which attracts everybody and glowing face gives more confident to lead the life.Nothing will makes you feel confident and motivating as having glowing skin. radiant and Great skin makes you feel younger and beautiful and feel healthier no matter what your age is. And peoples like to hear those person those are confident enough to present themselves.so go ahead make your skin free from threat like oily skin after all everyone deserves to look and feel fabulous.

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