Night Creams for Dry Skin

Night Creams for Dry Skin

Dryness of skin occurs for various reasons and utmost care needs to be taken. We usually prefer day creams and sincerely use them throughout the winter. But complete care does not end here. The skin needs to rejuvenate itself after a long exposure. Hence a moisturizing cream, especially known as a night cream should be used before going to bed. This ensures better circulation blood in the skin cells leading to a healthy membrane.

There are specific night creams for dry skin. you have to choose as suitable to your skin type.


Olay regenerist:

The Olay regenerist night recovery moisturising cream has high moisturising qualities which makes the skin glow naturally. It reconstructs the damage cells of the skin which might have caused due to the lost moisture. This night cream comprises antioxidants which help in making the skin softer.

It is quite good for the dry skin and can be confidently used to keep the dry skin hydrated and moisturised.


Oriflame optimals night cream:

This night cream under Oriflame comes with a matte effect giving the skin a fresh look putting the shiny areas at bay. It gives an even tone to the skin leaving behind any imperfections that exist. Thus you obtain a balanced and dirt-free skin after using this night cream. Sometimes your entire face may not be dry. The Oriflame optimals matte touch night gel cream works on particular areas where it is dry thus bringing evenness to your face.

It has been proved effective and is well known for making dry skin smoother.


Nivea crème:

Beauties with dry skin can rely blindly on Nivea cold crème. This night cream is very effective for dry skin and has proved to be a boon. It is thick in texture and comes in a creamy gel. Extremely dry skin can be well handled by the Nivea crème. Available at a reasonable price, the night cream draws smoother and softer skin.

It is quite affordable and counter-attacks any skin disorders related to dryness.


Jovees avocado revitalising night cream:

Issues related to dry skin can be handled brilliantly if the finger is tipped on the right choice. To rejuvenate your skin in a healthy way you must be aware of the contents of the cream which you use. The night cream under Jovees consists of extracts of avocado. Avocado builds the damaged cells and tissues of the skin which get destroyed due to dryness. Thus the skin grows baby soft on using this cream regularly.


Fabindia vitamin E enriched night cream:

This night cream is herbal which is specially manufactured for dry skin conditions. It contains vitamin E with other herbal ingredients which take the responsibility of hydrating the skin and removing the irritability. Fabindia brings this night cream to help you protect from irritations caused due to dryness.

The use of this night cream gives effective results by developing new skin cells hence compensating for the skin damage.


Jerjens ultra healing cream:

This night cream from Jerjens comprises of a special formula of three vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin B5 and vitamin E. All these vitamins when combine together, heal up the damage caused due to the dryness or lost moisture. Not only on the face, but the cream can also heal up the damage caused in the heels and elbows. Apart from healing up it multiplies the moisture content of the skin.

The dry areas are healed up from inside with the help of this night cream.


There are many other night creams which are specialized in treating ailments caused due to dryness in skin. Basically these are mostly used in winters. So, there is nothing more to worry when your skin gets dried up. Leave everything to the specified cream.

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