New Ways to wear a White Eye Liner

New Ways to wear a White Eye Liner

White Eye Liner is the current fashion trend in the fashion industry which makes your eyes look more elegant, dazzling and prominent than any traditional eye liners. Women can look extremely gorgeous if they know how to perfectly make use of this White Eye Liner. Thus, White Eye Liner gives you bright eyes and keeps you instantly awake at any time thus making you different from others.


Let us check few newest ways to wear this White Eye Liner.

  1. Wearing White Eye Liner solo:

Just bring a gorgeous eye look to your face by applying this White Eye Liner in your upper lid outline and flick it at the end of your eyes. Just do not apply it in your lower lid and leave it as it is. This solo wearing of White Eye Liner will bring you a gorgeous and sharp look.


  1. White Eye Liner as a conventional Eye Liner:

When this White Eye Liner is applied in the inner lash lines it highlights your eye ball big by extending its white color. This will be greatly helpful for the people who have deep set eyes or oriental eye type to enhance their looks better.


  1. To have a awaken look:

To have an active or awaken look apply White Eye Liner to your inner eye corners. This way of applying White Eye Liner will expose your eyes brighter and sharp.


  1. Black and white:

This is a unique look and latest styling eye makeup in the fashion industry. Just apply White Eye Liner at the lower lash line and traditional black eye liner in the upper lash line. This will give you a stylish and elegant look.


  1. White-Black effect:

This is really an amazing style and called as “White-black-white-black effect”. Just apply black eye liner to the upper lash line and top up with the white pencil. Now apply White Eye Liner in the lower lash line and top up its outline with a black pencil. It is just awesome and suits best for fair skins.


  1. Focus your Inner corners:

Apply White Eye Liner to the inner corners of your eyes as sleeping “V shape”. This will expose your eyes more gorgeous and bigger. This will give your eyes an elongated shape thus showing it more attractive.


  1. Cool girl effect:

Just apply White Eye Liner to half of the upper eye lid so that white color is seen whenever you close your eyes. This gives a cool girl effect and gives you a stunning and amazing look.


  1. Apply it to 360 degrees:

Just apply your conventional black eye liner to the upper and lower lash lines. Now add a white based eye liner around each eye. This gives you an icy effect that it is absolutely gorgeous and stunning.


  1. White Eye Liner for shaping your eye brows:

It is amazing that White Eye Liner can be used to shape up your eyebrows. Just apply the White Eye Liner in the uneven areas of your eye brows thus making the shapes you want.


  1. Use it on your nails:

Just as a new style make use of the White Eye Liner on your nails. This will be really stylish and will give a look of French manicure illusion.


  1. Tinting other eyeliner shades:

No other color than the White Eye Liner can mix with other eye liner colors to give you a perfect look. If you are not able to get a particular color of eye liner, then tint it with White Eye Liner to get the exact color as you wished. But however, you must know the color palette schemes to achieve the desired color.


  1. Hide blemishes:

White Eye Liner is a perfect solution to hide any reddish or dark blemishes that are caused on your eye lids. It also helps to hide the dark circles and any blemishes caused by the dark circles.


  1. Form color layers:

You can form color layers if you wish to set a unique trend in eye makeup. You can apply Black eye liner, White Eye Liner and other colored eye liner sequentially to expose yourself different.

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