Neem for dandruff

Neem for dandruff

Neem has so many benefits it was beneficial for all type of bacterial infection and problem. We found anti bacterial property in neem which helps us to fight with dandruff problem and also avoid any type of hair problem and make hair shine and strong and avoid rough hair problem. Many people face the problem of dandruff and to avoid this neem is a best natural product. We can use neem in different way and some solutions are also available at market to treat dandruff. If we use regularly neem as a hair remedy then we can avoid the problem of dandruff permanently. There are so many different ways to use neem for dandruff some are here for you.


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  • Neem shampoo–at market so many different type of neem shampoo is available if you want to get rid out of from the problem of dandruff you can use neem shampoo to wash your head. Use to wash head with this twice and three in a week for better result and to get rid out of from the problem of dandruff.


  • Neem paste–you can also use neem paste on head for avoiding dandruff take some neem levees and grind it with using some oil of water and apply this paste on head. After 30 min wash head with cool water.


  • Neem Hair Conditioner–you can also use neem conditioner for dandruff problem to treat dandruff there are so many different type of neem conditioner available at market you can use this after shampooing your hair.


  • Neem and coconut oil massage–you can also massage your hair with neem juice take some neem juice and make juice of it and mix some coconut oil in this juice and stree properly and massage on head with using this mixture for better result on dandruff.


  • Neem water–take some neem leaves and bowl them after bowling take this neem water and apply on hair or try to wash head with this water twice in a week its gives you good result at the problem of dandruff.


  • Neem and curd mask–take neem leaves and make a paste of this mix this neem paste with using curd and apply this mixture on head and after some time wash hair with using cold water it will reduce the problem of dandruff and make your hair shine and healthy.


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So neem is a beneficial product for dandruff problem and helps to get rid out of from this problem quickly.

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