Naturally straight hair with milk

Naturally straight hair with milk

Straight hair is very one needs the want straight long shine hair which looks so beautiful and for that they spend a lot money on that but the hair become rough and damage due to chemical and the heating aliments use for hair straighter can reduce the natural shine of over hair and make hair dull and the problem of splitting s is also seen. To its good that we treat hair naturally to condition hair and make hair straight and the most popular product is for that is MILK it will straight hair naturally and make hair shine and strong to look him straight permanently and for last longer.its to easy to straight hair at home with homemade recipe.


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Use of milk to straight hair–milk is a best toner for hair and we can straight hair with using milk very simple and its give you effective result on fizzy curly hair it will straight hair natural without containing any type of chemical and other products which harm hair and make them curly and rough we can use milk in a different way to treat curly hair and make hair straight at home with using simple ingredients.


  • Milk and egg–take 2 cup milk and one egg mix both of them together and apply this mixture on hair and rest for 30 min after that time rinse out hair and you can see shine straight smooth hair.


  • Milk and water–take a spray bottle and them take one cup of milk and mix same amount of water mix it together and pore in to spray bottle and apply this spray on hair and comb then rest till hair observe this mixture and then again do this after repeating 2 or three time same process wash hair with shampoo.




  • Honey milk and strawberry–take one cup of milk and mix some table spoon on honey in this and then take four strawberry and mash it and mix this mashed peel into milk and honey and stree properly and apply this paste on head and hair properly and rest for 2 hour and remember cover hair with shower cap and after 2 hour wash out hair with shampoo and see the effect.


  • Coconut milk–it’s very rich in fat and makes hair shine and smooth strong. And straight hair naturally. To apply these take 1 cup coconut milk, one lemon juice, olive oil and cornstarch.mix all these and warm it at low temperature and then cool it and its cool apply this on hair and wash after 30 min


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If we use these home remedies made with milk will give deep conditioning to hair and make hair shine and straight permanently for last longer It a best products for all type of hair and a natural straighter for fizzy hair.

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