Natural Sources of Vitamin B17

Natural Sources of Vitamin B17

You may be blissfully unaware of the fact that the medical profession is not always capable of saving myriads of lives. Most of the times hundreds and thousands of people suffers from epidemics and endemics, and in such a scenario, it may never be possible to save the lives of so many people. Approximately in every second there are two deaths, and to count the number of deaths in a year it goes up to a huge number. Needless to say, that it is almost impossible to get remedies for all types of diseases. After all, knowledge of doctors is limited, and it is not always possible to find remedy to all types of diseases.

Now, it really needs to be mentioned that one of the most dangerous diseases that have the potential to threaten every individual’s life is cancer. This particular disease has wreaked great havoc all over the globe and as the days advance more and more people are falling preys to this life threatening disease. Till now, no such cure has been found so that we can fight this dangerous disease, and doctors are at a loss to understand what can possibly be done.

However, again, I must mention that the most recent researches a have finally found a way, which can help doctors to challenge this so called life threatening disease. The name of the biggest enemy of cancer is vitamin B17.

Vitamin B17 is also known as Laetrile or Amygdalin. It is one of the major components of food in certain cultures such as the Hunzas, Eskimos etc. You will be quite surprised and rather fall from the sky to know that no cancer case has ever been reported among these tribes.Studies have clearly proved and researches have shown that vitamin B17 helps a lot in fighting cancer to a great extent.

Amygdalin is a cyanogenic glycoside, which is found in certain plants. It has been successfully extracted in order to fight the most dangerous disease.


What are the foods rich in vitamin B17?-

Let us get to know the sources of vitaminB17, that is, the foods where we can find vitamin B17.


Let us first take a quick glance at the fruits.


FRUITS:                                         AMOUNT:

Blackberry, domestic                               low

Blackberry, wild                                       high

Chokecherry                                              high

Wild capable                                             high

Swedish Cranberry                                   high

Market cranberry                                     low

Gooseberry                                                med

Loganberry                                                med

Huckleberry                                               med

Mulberry                                                     med

Quince                                                         med

Raspberry                                                    med

Elderberry                                                   high

Black currants                                            med



SEEDS:                                              AMOUNT:

Peach seeds                                                 high

Apple seeds                                                  high

Peer seeds                                                    med

Apricot seeds                                               high

Cheery seeds                                                high

Plum seeds                                                   high

Prune seeds                                                  high

Flax                                                                med

Squash seeds                                                med

Millet                                                             med

Buckwheat                                                    med


BEANS:                                                 AMOUNT:

Black                                                               low

Fava                                                                 high

Shell                                                                 low

Mung                                                               high

Lima                                                                med

Lentils                                                             med

Blackeyed peas                                               low

Kidney beans                                                 high

Garbanzo                                                        med


NUTS:                                                   AMOUNT:

Bitter almond                                                high

Cashew                                                            low


TUBERS:                                             AMOUNT:

Sweet potato                                                 high

Yams                                                               low

Cassava                                                          low


When the amount is High, it means above 500 mgs. In every 100 gms.

When the amount is Medium, it means above 100 mgs. In every 100 gms.

When the amount is Low, it means below 100 mgs. In every 100 gms.


Words of caution to be kept in mind–

Finally it needs to be mentioned that special precautions should be taken if any person is being treated with the help of vitamin B 17. This is because it is of cyanogenic origin and has great potentials to increase cyanide level in your blood and can easily lead to cyanide poisoning and then death. The patient should be made aware of the side effects from before so that they can be very cautious while using the agent. Some of the side effects include extremely low blood pressure, headache, dizziness, fatigue, fever, mental confusion, trouble in walking, liver damage and in extreme cases may even lead to death.

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