Nature provide us so many things which always help us in every aspect of life and in case of cosmetic world where most of the products which are available in market are containing very harmful chemicals which sooner or later effects your body badly nature provide us so many ingredients which work wonders for our hair. But because of lack of information people have very less knowledge about these natural shampoos that’s why today in this content we are going to tell about some effective natural shampoos .Companies provide these products are Vaadi herbal care products and Khadi health care products. Both of these companies use active and skin friendly natural ingredients in their products which is having quite amazing properties for your hair care. So we advise you if you want to stay away from chemical components which are quite harmful for your akin as well for your hair then choose at least for once product of these brands which is natural and safe to use.


As we mentioned earlier in this content that these products are made up of some very effective natural ingredient having so many skin and hair friendly properties so you can use these products regularly without any harm. Here we are going to mention some effective natural shampoos available in India.


-AMLA HERBAL AND BHRINGRAJ SHAMPOO- As we mention earlier that these products contains natural ingredients so this product contains extract of Amla, Neem, Sesame oil, and Bhringraj. I t also contains some very effective active ingredients like reetha, glycerine henna etc. Neem extracts helps in removing impurities from scalp and Amla and Bhringraj effectively helps in proper growth of your hair. This product is quite effective in maintain thick and long hair.


-KHADI HERBAL SHAMPOO-This shampoo also contains some very effective natural ingredients like Amla, Tulsi, Lemon, Mehandi,Trifala and Shikakai.  Shikakai and Trifala extracts which helps in detoxifies your scalp and provide you very soft and silky hair and on the other hand Tulsi which carry antiseptic properties prevents your scalp from dandruff.


-KHADI HERBAL TULSI AND SAFFRON SHAMPOO-This shampoo contains so many active ingredients like Reetha, Shikakai, Basil, Saffron , Glycerine which helps you effectively from brittle and dull hair. As we mentioned earlier about benefits of Tulsi with its antiseptic properties, Reetha is works as a natural cleanser which effectively clear unnecessary impurities from your scalp which reduce the chance of dandruff formation. Glycerine provides the benefits of conditioner which makes your hair smooth and shiny.


-VAADI HERBAL SHAMPOO WITH REETHA AND SHIKAKAI- This is also an effective natural shampoo containing the goodness of Reetha, Amla and Shikakai. It also provides proper nourishment to your hair and also enhance the growth of your hair because it contains soy protein which has so many , benefits for your hair, Shikakai work as perfect conditioner and on the other hand Amla enhance the growth of your hair and Reetha provides the benefits of natural cleanser.


-VAADI HERBAL ANTI-DANDRUFF SHAMPOO- This shampoo consist benefits of lemon extracts wit tea tree oil. Lemon has citric acid in it which helps in fighting against dandruff and tea tree oil having anti-bacterial properties which reduces the factors which cause dandruff. It also contain some active ingredients like Neem , Shikakai, Blend of aromatic oil, all those have so many important qualities which helps your scalp and your hair as well. This shampoo is effective for those suffer from dandruff problem and having itchy scalp condition as well.

So these rate some very effective natural shampoo which is very safe to use consisting so many natural ingredients which helps your scalp and hair a lot.

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