Natural products to treat gray hair

Natural products to treat gray hair

Everyone wants to looks young and beautiful for longer and hairs play best role in this no one wants gray hair that seems so odd and make you feel older. Every person afraid from gray hair problem and wants to color the but they don’t want to use chemical products to do that and some time hair become gray at so early age so the best way treat gray hair is cover them with natural products because the helps you to get rid out of from the problem of gray hair and make hair shine and smooth naturally and make all gray hair black naturally for life time there are so many different type of color products are available to treat gray hair naturally so today we are going to give knowledge about some natural tips to make gray hair black.


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Natural products to keep hair black:-

  • Amla–you can use amla juice or paste to treat gray hair and also massage hair with using amla oil and rest for whole night at morning rinse out it works well on dry dull and gray hair and avoid the problem of gray hair.


  • Ghee–takes deep massage of ghee to avoid the problem of gray hair and make them black shine and smooth naturally.


  • Heena–apply natural heena to cover hair sock heena for whole night with some fenugreeks seeds powder and coffee and yogurt for whole night and at morning apply this paste on hair and rest for 2 hour and then rinse out with cold water it will immediately repair gray hair problem.


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  • Shikakai–take powder of Shikakai and sock it for whole night you can also mix some piece of amla in this at morning boil this and stein it and apply as a shampoo on hair and treat gray hair. It’s also works best on dull dumb and fizzy hair and makes hair shine and smooth naturally.


  • Ashwagandha–apply Ashwagandha on hair for treat gray hair and make them black naturally it’s a great way to cover gray hair


  • Aloe Vera gel–takes aloe Vera and removes gel from it and applies this gel of gray hair and it will cover gray hair permanently.


  • Black Walnut–black walnut is best for color hair naturally takes this and sock for some time then applies on hair for 30 min and rinse out.




If we use these natural products to treat gray hair then we see the effect of this problem and easily avoid the problem of gray hair.

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