Bridal Makeup Tips For Whitish Skin

Bridal Makeup Tips For Whitish Skin

If you are wondering about what sort of makeup to use for your wedding for your wheatish skin then have come to the right place. We are sharing most important tips for effective and eye-catching bridal makeup for your wheatish skin. You can find out huge range of bridal makeup products in market specially made for women with wheatish complexion. But here are a few points that you need to keep in mind while choosing the products and then their application on your face.


Tips For Bridal Makeup For Wheatish Skin


You can find great range of hues of foundation in market. You should choose the shade that is mostly like your skin color. You can take suggestions from your makeup artist in choosing the right type of foundation for your skin.

It is recommended for wheatish skin ladies to go for a water based foundation. It will help to maintain the natural look of your face. Cream based foundation can look little bit heavy or greasy on your skin spoiling your overall efforts.

For foundation you can also mix a proportion of a lighter shade of foundation with a proportion of your skin shaded one. Use of such a mixture after mixing well can give your skin a better touch and tone.



When it comes to concealer never use a lighter hue of concealer as it is going ruin your appearance. Choose a shade of concealer that is darker than your skin color. Such concealer will look beautiful on your wheatish skin. Don’t try to make your darker skin fair it will not work. Rather intensify the natural color of your skin.



Don’t get disappointed with the myth that blush does not suit on a darker complexion. Go for a deep plums or bronze hue of blushes and you will be surprised after seeing that how much it suits you.



To get a flawless finish of the makeup base you should apply powder on it. It will settle down all the foundation perfectly. Color of the powder should match the color of foundation.



Avoid choosing bright rose or pale pink lipsticks because for ladies with wheatish complexion, the shades like burgundy, soft corals, plum etc. look excellent. You can also use among suitable nude colors.


Lip Liner

For lip liner you should avoid choosing darker shades as it can look more artificial in wheatish skin. You lip liner shade should match you lipstick color. So selecting a lip liner will probably depend on your lipstick selection.



Don’t choose the eyeshadow by just matching your dress color. Opt brown, bronze or pink shades in your eyeshadow. Don’t never ever use silver eyeshadow as it can make you look too dramatic.


Fake Eye Lashes

Fake eyelashes are perfect for any type of skin tone. So present of curled fake eyelashes will enhance your makeup greatly. Thus it is advised to use fake eyelashes and get them curled with a good quality curler


Nail Paints

For nail paints you should use dark shades as such hue of nail paints suits a lot on wheatish skin. You can go for purple, light or shiny brown nail paint shades as well.


We hope you will keep in mind all these tips while getting ready for your wedding ceremony. Also as we always advise don’t keep the pressure of makeup of your appearance in your mind. Just enjoy your wedding and keep thing going on without stress. Your stress less effort for your makeup will never impact your bridal looks negatively. Keep reading more articles here and keep getting useful tips for better health, wellness as well as for your prolonged beauty.

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