Hair straightening is in trend and there are natural products that are used on a safer side. Chemical based products for hair straightening are harmful that have risk associated such as hair damage, hair fall and frizzy hair. Natural products do not have any side effects as far as researched from various studies. Some of the coolest and happening products used which are homemade are coconut milk, hot oil massage, mixture of milk and honey, egg for conditioning and milk spray. These products are easy to get as they are available at home and need to worry about how to use. Coconut milk is best among all that has awesome results with naturally silky and smooth hair.



Some of the kitchen ingredients can be used for protecting hair from split ends and hardened ends. No damage is caused by using natural remedies, but chemical based straightening make hair worst after a year because it almost loses moisture due to chemicals used in treatments and therapies. Coconut milk is excellent when mixed with lemon juice and applied all over the hair. The cream is a great conditioner and the results can be noticed within a month if applied twice or thrice in a week.


  • milk :One cup of milk and nearly 3 spoons of honey if applied are best for rough and dry hair. The results are best when the honey is even consumed daily and avoiding sugar as far as possible. Some fresh strawberries can be added in the mixture for better results. This can be rinsed with shampoo, but keeping it for no more than 2 hours is best at times.


  • Eggs :Eggs are natural conditioner and the result is the best hair with total conditioner. Eggs mixed with olive oil shall be massaged for some time and keeping it for an hour will end up in soft and total conditioned hair.


  • Naturall Hair color:Hair mask are excellent as total moisture can be felt and the roots are strong enough for silky and smooth hair. There are various types of masks such as rice flour mixed with egg mask, aloe Vera gel mask, banana hair mask, papaya hair mask, milk hair mask, etc. these hair masks shall be covered with shower cap so that they do not get dry easily. Mehndi has traditionally been an excellent hair mask where gray color hair can be colored instantly with dark brown and burgundy. The mixture is also a benefit for hair straightening which is very useful.


  • Olive oil :Olive oil with egg is excellent whereas the massage have powerful results in few days itself. Natural almond oil is used regularly is cent percent beneficiary as it does wonders if massaged and washed with a mild shampoo. Repeating this technique thrice a day will be effective and conditioned hair are the final results which every woman wants.


Temporary straightening can be done by iron machines that have keratin based and smooth surface. At times it can be harmful as hair is damaged due to excessive use of iron and heat. Heat from the iron machine can be harmful as the moisture is extracted from the hair and this can be dangerous when used every day. So permanent and natural ways are used to treat hair straightening in an easy way with a lot of benefits and advantages at same level. Scalp is the main area where follicles are the basic root of the hair. Therefore, the scalp should be clean and smooth as the roots of the hair as grown. If the roots are strong, hair is naturally strong and smooth and hair fall is not a problem.


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