Nail Paints and Polish

Nail Paints and Polish

Nail Polish :

When the question of making the nails beautiful arises then the first thing come to mind is nail polish or nail paint. The advantage of using nail paint is that it just not makes nails beautiful but it protects the nail plate from any kind of damage too. There are several types of nail paints available according to colours as well as the quality and protectivity.

Nail Polish


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Types of Nail Paints :
Base Coat : Its colourless and used before applying the colourful nail paint. This makes the nails strong and provides proper amount of moisture to the nails.

Base Coat
Top Coat : Its colourless and used after applying the colourfull nail paint. They dry quicly after applying them. These are used for protecting nails from any harm.

top coat
Gel : Its the type of nail polish which lasts really long. It can lasts upto two weeks if applied and protected carefully.

Matte : Its the regular kind of nail paint but the only difference is that it has no shine.

Finisher : Finisher is used to make the nail paint last long and it also gives more beautiful look the nails. Shimmer, Micro-shimmer,Micro-glitter, Glitter, Frost, Lustre, Creme, Prismatic micro-glitter or shimmer, Iridescent, Opalescent, Matte, Duo-chrome, Jelly or translucent These are the most commonly used finishers.


Nail polish Remover:-
Whenever remove nail paint then use rose water with the help of cotton so that the nail plate not becomes yellow and the tissues below nails may not burn.Many types of remover available in market like some remover available with cotton balls and others are available with foam in a bottle. some remover contains acetone compound which can harm on skin and nails also.

Nailpolish Remover

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