Must Know Beauty Tips for Oily Skin

Must Know Beauty Tips for Oily Skin

Worried about oily skin??? Well, oily skin can give you a dull look and your face may look tiring. No wonder whatever makeup you put on, it will not glaze out. But you need not have to worry. There are some beauty tips which you must know to claim a fresh looking skin easily. Just by following few simple yet necessary tips, you can close the chapter of oily skin.


An oily skin is prone to more accumulation of dirt. Hence cleansing is must for such type of skin. Make it a regular practice of cleansing your skin twice or thrice daily. The build up oil gets unclogged by the oil free cleansers. Keep the cleansing process smooth as it may extract the natural moisture from the skin. Thus the sebaceous glands in the skin layer may tend to produce more oil.

A good cleanser for an oily skin should be composed of the following ingredients such as neem, turmeric, salicylic acid, and honey and tea tree oil. Always check this composition when you buy a cleanser. The product may contain either of these ingredients or more than one of them.



Skin becomes oily when the sebaceous glands of the layer produce excess sebum. This sebum deposits dead cells of skin on the outer surface. As a result, your sin develops acne and pimples. These dirt and deposits should be removed. Scrubbing helps so.

Therefore a gentle scrub is to be followed at least thrice a week. This helps in removing the dead cells giving the skin a new and fresh look every time you scrub.


Applying face pack:

Face masks removes any dirt and oil from the pores of the skin and soothe the surface. Use face masks weekly. But do not use just any pack. Specific face masks are there for oily skin. Composition of sandalwood and bentonite clay should be used. Fuller’s earth often called multani mitti acts as a cherry on the cake for oily skin.

You can have homemade packs too. Pulverize a little pulp of ripe papaya and add half of a lemon to it and mix well. This total mixture is to be applied gently on the skin. After leaving for fifteen to twenty minutes, rinse off and pat dry. The oil is controlled effectively.



Toning and moisturizing:

For a perfect skin you should use an alcohol free toner. Natural toner like rose water would be better. While toning, make sure you are moving the cotton ball dipped soaked in toner around the nose and forehead. If not done properly then blackheads may develop. After toning you will realize that maximum dirt has been banished from the skin and the skin looks brighter than before.

Toning must be done at least thrice a week. But do not leave the skin alone after toning. Use of moisturizer is a must. Keep your skin hydrated always as this mitigates the formation of oil.


Eating right:

While the above tips are externally helpful, you need to build up internally to get a clear, non oily skin. Avoid oily food and fried ones. These will only add more oil to your body reflecting to your skin. Have as much fruits as you can, containing vitamin A which is supposed to be found in sweet potatoes, carrots and mangoes. Moreover you must avoid the junk food and drink lots of water. It should be around eight to ten glasses per day.


You can get an oil free skin by maintaining a regular routine on these tips. Extract a little time out from your busy schedule and work on your skin. Whenever you go out in the sun or dust your skin is the victim. You need to take care of it.

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