Mosquito Bites: Weird Reasons You’re Getting Bitten

Mosquito Bites: Weird Reasons You’re Getting Bitten

Do you hate that irritating buzz made by mosquitoes? When experiencing a mosquito bite you might be thinking of why these mosquitos love to target you and what interesting they find in your body. There are certain factors, some of those may even be weird or unexpected due to which mosquitoes get attracted towards you and bite you. From your eating and drinking habits to many more, all can have some contribution towards making mosquitoes fell in love with you. Here are some of the interesting facts that you might be interested in exploring about mosquitoes’ attraction towards human.



This is the most unexpected and weird thing that makes the mosquitoes feel attracted towards you. When you exercise you exhale harder. And harder you will breathe more carbon dioxide you will release. And this carbon dioxide is loved by mosquitoes. And that’s why mosquitoes love to surround you while you ae jogging, exercising or doing such a hard job.


Female Mosquitoes Love Human Blood

Another interesting fact about mosquitoes is that the male mosquitoes not at all bite human as they don’t utilize human blood in any way as they get necessary nutrition from nectar of the plant. These are female mosquitoes that need human blood for developing their eggs. The human blood consists of a special protein that helps female mosquitoes in developing their eggs effectively. Thus those itchy bites are the gifts of those female mosquitoes.


Smelly Feet

This is the most surprisingand weird fact that you would really be surprised with. The studies have revealed that your bad smelling feet are more loved by mosquitoes than that wonderful soft cheese. So if you have smelly feet then you might feel more mosquitoes’ bite on your feet than anywhere else.



Do you love beer? Well you will feel crazy and joyful after having beer but alongside it will also drive the mosquitoes happy. As you consume beer, the chemistry of the skin changes and this change is loved by those mosquitoes thus you can feel the presence and bite of mosquitoes to a greater extent after drinking beer.


Thick and Overgrown Vegetation

If your home has garden area surrounding it then it is important for you to keep the garden well-trimmed and less dark. As mosquitoes love to spread in a darker and dense environment. An overly grown grass and vegetation may give shelter to the whole group of mosquitoes easily and you may have to suffer from various problems caused due to mosquito bites.


Keep Mosquitoes Away With DEET

DEET is a powerful mosquito repellent that keeps them away from you. These mosquito repellents blocks various receptors that allow mosquitoes track the presence of human around them and then strike for biting. Hence it is a good idea to stay protected with a powerful mosquito repellent like DEET in order to prevent mosquitoes from biting you.


Pregnant Women

This is another interesting fact that can leave you in surprise. The mosquitos get attracted towards pregnant women skin that is because a women while expecting her baby, emits much more carbon dioxide than a normal women. Also her abdomen has high temperature that in turn attracts mosquitos. So if you are also expecting your baby then be alarmed, mosquitos may strike you more.


Hope this article would be helpful for you to understand extensively about mosquitoes and their angle of love for you. Keeping all this facts in mind stay protected from mosquitoes and prevent serious ailments. Also keep reading our latest posts and stay updated with unique and proven health and beauty tips that you can hardly find anywhere.

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