Methods To Straighten Your Curly Hair

Methods To Straighten Your Curly Hair

We love straight hair, comparison of curly and messy hair. Carry away a good and decent hair style always improves your persona. We can get natural straight hair with some simple stapes. And you don’t need to fight with high heats and other equipment’s.


Step 1- just prepare your hair first. It has to be oil free and dust free and sweat free, in sort we need clean and washed hair after that make your hair so wet, its better if you do this after taking head bath. Always use a gentle shampoo and conditionerto wash your hair.


Step 2- Do not make dry your hair so much, it has to be semi dry. Always avoid to rubbing your hair with the towel because, this will create rough and freeze hair, and make it more curly. Try to use cotton fabric clothe.  They are always so gentle to remove water from the hair.


Step 3- Apply a good hair protection serum on your hair, so that it will protect your hair from heat. Apply the serum from root to bottom evenly. It will protect your hair from damage.


Step 4- comb your hair with the wide tooth comb, and comb it from the top to bottom. Try to avoid using hair brush. They’ll do more damage your hair like hair brakes and hair falls.


If you comb your hair while taking shower then it will easier to tackle.


Step 5- Divide your hair in sections, it’s all depends on thickness of your hair, if your hair are so thick and voluminous then you should do 3 to 4 or more the that sections. You need some pins.  Take some pins and tie sections accept one; on other side brush your hair properly anddisembroil. Take all the things straight.


Step 6- Take a blow dryer and a round brush.  This step will go to assume probably a while.  Brush your hair again with the round brush and take blow dryer, it has to be 6 inch away from your hair, because heat will harm your hair. To get best protection for your hair do not do high heat setting, handle it patiently, this is a slow process.


Step 7- Use a flat iron machine, always use branded iron because some irons are made with low class material, they will do so much impairment. Always carry a right striating machine for your hair, because hairs are the delicate part of over body. Ceramic straighteners are finest machine for hair straining and they do help for soften hair.  A good hair straining machine is those who easy to handle and light weighted, we could move that as our comfort. For curly and really massy hair titanium and gold plated straining machine is always best. Use of this titanium plated machine makes more shine and glory hair and make into lot of volume so the they look good. Using a medium size of machine always make more styling in your hair because you can move it easily.


Step 8 – For getting seminaleffects set the machine between 300 to 350digress, and move it from top to bottom evenly and the limited even speed. For nice straining do it with the help of comb. And then Slowly-2 unties all the sections and does the same with them. You will strait all the hair or can twist so it looks better and stylish.


After that when you done the hair straining apply a good hair serum and a hair spray which help to improve  shine on your hair.

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