Everybody wants to have a fair and flawless skin that looks good .Having such a healthy skin means that you does not need of applying much cosmetic products whose sooner or later effect your skin and causes wrinkles, dark spot and damage your skin but unfortunately developing country like India people does not have time to take proper care of your skin or they don’t have either interest or enough money to spend on your looks .So it will become a big question for people that how to get instant fairness.



It is a true fact that fairness cannot be achieved permanently overnight but nothing is impossible there are some easy and regular skin maintenance routine which can help us making our skin glowing and attractive.



Some natural ingredients which are easily available at home are really very effective to getting flawless healthy skin. Nature provides us lots of gifts and variety of products which is really effective in making ourselves beautiful and attractive skin. We just need to know there effect and how to apply these natural gifts of nature.


MILK- Milk is easily available natural product that available in every house. Preparing a face pack mixing one teaspoon of milk along one teaspoon of honey. Apply this face pack in circular motion and keep it for 15 minutes .This fairness pack is really effective and provide instant faireness in a natural way.


EGG –Egg is also an easily available ingredient what we find in our house especially in winter season. Applying a face pack in which by beating egg till it becomes frothy and fluff and apply it over a face till it dries off completely .And if smell if egg makes you uncomfortable you can put some oil like lavender or tee tree oil which helps to remove that unpleasant smell.


HOT OIL MASSAGE-Oil is an essential product which is give proper nourishment to your skin it not only helps to get relaxed filling but also we get a fairer skin tone for long time and we can use those oil that can easily available at our houses like coconut oil ,almond oil, olive oil etc. We only need to heat that oil for sometime and than start massaging your skin it helps increasing blood circulation and tone your skin.


FRUIT PACK-Fruit are always a good not only for health but fruits are beneficial for skin as well especially citrus fruits are really effective for glowing skin though it contain VITAMIN’C’. Combination of cucumber ,papaya and avocado will create a great effect in the process of bringing out fairness in your skin.


COCONUT WATER-Applying coconut water with cotton helps in making skin tone bright and attractive keep it for a period of 10-15 minutes and remove it with water.


LEMON-Lemon is a wonderful ingredient extracted from nature it works as anti darkening remedy which helps removing dark spot and having wonderful skin lightening effect. Effect of lemon by applying it for 10 minutes and wash away it with cold water is enormous it helps in wonderful skin lighting effects.


TOMATO- Tomato is very well known for removing tan from your skin .After a long hectic day exposed in sun throughout tomato helps our skin to remove tan instantly .Since eradicating tan skin discomfort a bit but thus will not harm your skin as it is totally natural.


Homemade instant fairness packs are easily available and not so costly we can use them anytime and there is no side effects at all and the effect are long lasting. So if you are wondering how to get a instant fairness hopefully this post will help you.


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