Makeup Tips For Different Face Shapes

Makeup Tips For Different Face Shapes

Different people have different face shape. In fact, each one of us have unique face shapes that suit our very specific personality. Facial shapes are classified in categories like heart shaped, oval, round, oblong, square and variations of all these. All these different facial structure have different makeup needs. So if you are running behind getting makeup tips for your face shape then you are at the right place. As today we have decided to help all the ladies in giving a perfect and flawless makeup as per the shape of your face so that your personality can perfectly get suited with it. So here the useful makeup tips for your face shapes goes.


Heart Shaped Face

The common traits of heart shaped face include having wide forehead with a narrow chin.


  • In order to have a perfect makeup for your heart face you should use blush on your cheeks that have matte texture and without any shimmer. This will help to downplay your cheek bones. You should not consider highlighting your cheekbones as it will make them look too much out of your facial shape.


  • For eyes it is recommended to use gel or pencil eyeliners instead of liquid liners. It will helps to define your eyelash lines better.


  • For heart shaped faces when it comes to lips then most makeup artist suggest to wear reds and sheer pink shades of lipsticks as these shades help to look the features of your face much softer as compared to make up less face.



Oval Shaped Face

People with oval shaped face usually have wider forehead with comparatively distant eyes basically with a distance of a single eye in between. The length of such face is larger than the width.


  • For making up your oval face you need bronzy blush or bronzer and it should be applied from cheek apples to temples.


  • For perfect lips, it is advised to line the lips perfectly before coloring them as you need to define your chin area more.


  • Define overall looks of your face using sheer shades of eyeshadows.


 Round Shaped Face

Ladies with round shaped face usually have forehead and lower face in same width. These also have prominent cheeks. The best makeup for such ladies is to have bronzy appearance with smoky eye makeup.


  • For perfect facial makeup your need to use bronzer underneath cheekbones.


  • You can also use a subtle highlighter on the cheekbones to intensify your face shape.


  • For smoky eyes, apply your smoky eyeshadow perfectly on your eye lids and then use a strong liquid eyeliner and define the shape of your lash lines.


 Oblong Face Shape

An oblong face is simple a long face that has less width. It gives you a long area length wise for your makeup application. A perfect makeup can help to make the face look symmetric so in this case it is important to apply makeup carefully.


  • Apply the blush on the apples of your face so that your face may look little bit wider.


  • Apply a rick black mascara on your eyelashes to make them look longer. If your natural eyelashes are not long and thick enough you can make use of fake eyelashes.


  • A rosy pink lipstick shade will be perfect for oblong face.



Square Shaped Face

Square face structure usually have angular jaw bones & hairlines. To let your angular face features soften you need to go for a soft and shimmery makeup.


  • Use a rosy cream blush to make up your cheek apples. You should always avoid using severe or harsh makeup.


  • Define your lips with soft coral or pink lip gloss or stain.


  • Focus on defining your eyelashes using a perfect mascara. For square face it is important to highlight the eyes.


Hope this article will be helpful for you in doing makeup according to your face structure. Stay connected with us and keep reading more useful beauty and health tips.

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