Makeup Tips and Tricks

Makeup Tips and Tricks

A perfect makeup is just not the thing limited up to the selection of branded products. If we have selected a branded makeup kit even if it is from top most and expensive brand, even then we can’t be sure that our skin finish is going to be perfect. Because not only products but applications tricks and procedure matter a lot in makeup. If we have used wrong makeup applications method then it means that we have burnt all our money that we spent on buying makeup. So before you start applying makeup you should appropriately know that method of application of each particular product. As nobody can compromise with beauty so if you really want a perfectly applied makeup learn to apply it first thoroughly. So to help you in this matter we have brought you detailed tips for applying each makeup product perfectly.



You makeup application should always start from cleansing your face. Opt a perfect cleanser for your skin type and wash your face perfectly with it. Cleansing will help to eliminate oil and dirt from your skin leaving soft and clean skin behind. Also make sure you apply appropriate moisturizing lotion to give necessary moisture to your skin.



Most of the ladies make mistake here by skipping this step. Don’t it is recommended to apply a primer before applying foundation or concealer to your face. Primer helps to increase the lasting powder of your makeup while also providing a soft and smooth skin surface for your foundation.



Concealer is one of the important part of your makeup. Whether you have dark circles, dark spots, pimple marks, scars or moles, all such flaws can be diminished using concealer. But first you need to make sure that you have selected the appropriate concealer shade. Shade of the concealer should be one lighter than your skin tone or your foundation.



When it comes to foundation then you have to makeup sure first that what type of foundation will suit your skin. As foundation is the most important base makeup that is used in larger quantity as compared to other products and it is also beard by the whole face, so your foundation should be appropriate. Choose from matte, oily, oily free, creamy, liquid or powder foundations keeping your skin texture in mind. For example if you have dry skin you can prefer creamy or oily foundation and if you have oily skin then you should go for liquid or powder foundation.

Start applying foundation from center of the face by putting small patches of foundation. Then blend it properly with sponge or brush. You can also use fingers but make sure that your fingers are hygienically clean.



Rosy, light pink or peachy pink blush shades are always good to use and are suitable for any skin tones. Keep appropriate blush brush with you and blend the blush on the apples of your cheeks. Don’t use too much of blush just tend to give a very light shade for natural looks.



You can color your eyes by using 2-3 different eyeshadow shades at the same time if you want to make your eyes look vibrant. Otherwise if you have a fair complexion go for smoky eyes since such eyes are always in trend. If you have medium to dark complexion then use brownish, bronze or silver eyeshadows.



Before you apply lipstick apply a good quality soothing lip balm to soften your lips and settle down flaky skin of lips. Once lip balm gets absorbed by skin, apply your favorite lipstick gently. If you want to give glossy shade to your lipstick you can apply a clear lip gloss over it. Make sure to blot the excess lipstick as blotting will help to make your lip color last for long time without smudging.


Hope these makeup tips will help you in achieving perfect and flawless looks for any occasion.

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