Makeup For All Face Shapes

Makeup For All Face Shapes

You may be aware of applying makeup perfectly to have a flawless look. You may also be aware of different kinds of products that are suitable for you. But do you really know what makeup will suit best according to your face shape? Well, answer of this question is not so easy to find and most of the women make mistake here as they don’t consider their face shape while using makeup. Everyone of us have different face shapes some has round, some has oval, some has square and more. And every face shape has varying makeup suitability. For a flawless and perfectly matching makeup it is really important to consider your face shape. From your hair style, eyebrows and eyes to foundation, blush effects and lips, everything should be as your face shape. Only then a makeup is said to be perfectly accomplished. Today are giving important makeup tips for all types of face shapes. So find out your face shape and then follow these tips to have a wonderful makeup.


Square Face Shape

  • If you have a square shaped face then you will have a wider jaw as compared to your forehead. In this case you will have angular formation of your chin or jaw. So your makeup should work on diminishing the look of angular formation of your jaw. For this use can use bronzer along the lines of your jaws. Apply a good highlighter or shimmer on the middle part of your chin.


  • For lips you should avoid dark shades and should focus on light like pale pink or orange. Do not use bold colors as your intention should be to eliminate focus from lower part of your face.


  • Use unique and eye-catching colors on your eyes since for your square face eyes are the best part where you can put the focus on. Use eyeshadow in periwinkle, lavender, scarlet and similar shades.



Oval Face Shape

  • Oval face shape is most common face shapes in women. In this case you will have a comparatively wider forehead. In most of the cases of oval faces people have shape nose. So to diminish the sharpness of your nose apply some bronzer to your nose.


  • The oval shapes eyebrows suit the most in oval shapes, so groom your eyebrows properly to give a perfect oval or arc shape.


  • Avoid applying blush on the apples of your face instead apply it to your contours. It will make your face look stylish and fuller.



Round Face Shape

  • If you have round face makeup then while choosing blush you should more concentrate on opting dark shades as it will give a bolder look to your face. Since round face people naturally have fuller cheeks so it is important to highlight them properly to give wonderful finish.


  • For lips you can go for dark shades, like red, dark pink, ruby red or similar. Lips are important feature to put more focus on for round shaped ladies.


  • Smokey eyes look great in ladies having round face shapes. However in addition to having smoky black eyeshadow you can also use dark purple and brown shades in your eyeshadow.



Heart Face Shape

  • If you have heart shaped face then you should avoid too much use of blush as you already have high or pointed cheek bones so highlighting your cheeks more will make them look more shaper which will not work. So try using minimum blush. Just put a very light coat of subtle pink blush.


  • For eyes as well, it is recommended to use soft eyeshadow hues. You can make use of pale pink, sky blue or mint green shades on your eyes.


  • For lips make use of shades like cherry, rosy pink, red and peach. Glossy texture of lipstick will work best in bring focus to your lips.


So there were important makeup tips as per face shapes. Hope this article would be helpful for you.

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