Makeup Basics For Oily Skin

Makeup Basics For Oily Skin

A huge group of ladies and girls have oily texture of their skin. And it feels quite difficult to manage that oily skin in our day to day life. And if those with oily skin has to wear makeup then it is really irritating. Too much stickiness, oil and grease like texture of skin even over your makeup really feels frustrating. In an oily skin make up get melted and faded much earlier than in dry or normal skin due to the oil formed by skin. Nevertheless, it is also possible for oily skin ladies to have a long lasting makeup that doesn’t make up feel heavy or uncomfortable. For this all the basics are concentrated towards the selection of appropriate product for your makeup. So, in this article we will be discussing about important things that you should keep in mind while choosing perfect makeup for your oily skin.


Important Tips For Oily Skin:

Mineral Makeup

It is recommended for oily skin ladies to use mineral makeup as much as you can. Because mineral makeup usually comes in talc forms and thus it is quite capable to soak natural oil of your skin perfectly thus by protecting your beautiful looks for long. These types of makeups contain several ingredients that prevent oxidation of makeup through skin oil. Mineral makeup is also easy and light weighted so you can easily carry this makeup without feeling uncomfortable or heavy. Moreover as we know oily skin is considered to be more prone to pimples thus as this mineral makeup is basically of natural kind, therefore it is quite safe to use these types of makeups.



If you have oily skin then you should apply primer before applying further makeup on your face. Simply go for an oil free primer. Primer is a clear get that forms a layer between our skin and makeup thus preventing makeup products getting into the pores of our skin. Primer also helps to increase the lasting power of your makeup. Thus you should always consider applying primer before your makeup.



For oily skin it is advised to choose an oil free foundation that is basically of matte texture. As matte texture will be light and comparatively dry to use. You can also go for powder based foundation. Powder based foundation will help to soak the oil released by your skin thus preventing it from shining on your skin. Of you are considering choosing liquid foundation then water based and oil free foundation is best for you.


Compact Or Powder

In case of oily skin, powder is must to use for better finish and lasting effects of makeup. As powder will soak skin oil just like a sponge thus your skin will not look sticky. And due to this powder you will also not feel uncomfortable or irritated. If you are using a liquid foundation, then you can give a touch up to your skin with a perfect makeup powder.



When it comes to blush then in case of oily skin you should go for matte blushes. Matte blushes will not get much effected by oil of your skin too much unlike creamy blushes. It will also help you feel light and comfortable.


Using Light Makeup

It is advised for oily skin beauties to always use light layers of makeup. Try to use water based and oil free moisturizers and makeup products that has SPF features. These will not only make your skin look beautiful for long but also protect it against sun and environmental damage.


So these are a few tips keeping which in mind can let your oily skin look adorable and non-sticky.

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