Make Up Tips from Japan

Make Up Tips from Japan

Japan, as we know is a workaholic and a well developed country which gives more importance to their appearance, style and looks just equal to their work. You can see that any Japanese woman have flawless textured skin with silky smooth hair and attractive face. This is because, Japanese women give more importance to their appearance even at their late 60’s and hence choose the best ranges of makeup according to their skin tones.

Thus, here are few precious makeup tips from the lovely country Japan.


  • Base makeup:

For any Japanese woman, base makeup is the most important thing to keep their face fresh and attractive for long time. Best foundation creams with yellow tones look perfect on Japanese type of skins. Thus, they choose the foundation lotion or cream of best brand to make a best base makeup.


  • Choosing the best foundation:

Japanese make use of the foundation only at the place where it is really necessary. Initially they make use of primer to hide the pores on their skin. This will give a more natural look than overpowered makeup. Later, they apply foundation only to the areas where it is really needed.


  • Highlight with a concealer:

Japanese make use of this concealer very lightly before applying the foundation cream to hide any darker areas on the skin. Generally, since the Japanese women are with fair complexion, the usage of concealer will be less for their type of skin tone.


  • Touch up with loose powder:

This is an excellent tip to keep your face oil free for longer hours. Thus, Japanese follow this special tip of applying the loose powder over the base makeup to keep their face oil free for long hours.


  • Make use of Highlighters:

Highlighters are the best makeup tool that can hide your imperfections on your face. Though it is little difficult job to make use of highlighter correctly at your imperfect areas, it becomes easy when you practice it. Highlighter can enhance your beauty by highlighting your attractive parts such as corner of your lips, angle of your nose, under eye area and cheeks.


  • Eye liners are less important for Japanese:

It may be due to smaller eyes, Japanese women do not prefer to apply eye liner to the waterline area of their eyes. Though they do not apply eye liner, they are interested in applying eye shadow and mascara to their eyes.


  • Mascaras and curlers are must:

This is really an important step in any Japanese makeup. Every Japanese girl wishes to volumize and lengthen their eye lashes with the help of lash tweezers or with false eye lashes. They believe in huge and bulky eye lash pre-set with a curler for a brighter look.


How Japanese get flawless skin?

  1. Unlike other country women, Japanese women prefer oil based makeup products which help them to keep their skin moisturized. They also make use of facial oils for cleansing purposes.


  1. They follow cleansing strictly which will remove the full makeup, sunscreen, foundation creams and leaves your skin natural without any chemical deposits. So every night they cleanse their face without any excuse.


  1. They try to be more natural using hats or umbrellas instead of any sunscreen lotion which will be made out of chemical ingredients.


  1. Green tea which is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients are the most preferred drink of Japanese woman.


  1. Japanese woman try to keep themselves very calm and quiet. They get rid of stress by staying calm and cool.


  1. Japanese avoid foods such as deeply fried food items, high cholesterol foods and high calorie beverages. They always stick on to sea foods such as fish, shrimp, seaweed which are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and essential nutrients for young looking skin.

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