Make up hacks for protruding eyes

Make up hacks for protruding eyes

As we know eye makeup is essential to enhance your beauty and helps to making your eyes attractive. Very few people are blessed with the attractive eyes, but it does not mean you don’t get the beautiful eyes. You can easily makes your eyes beautiful by following simple make up tip which help you. Don’t think it is not possible or you don’t get it just try this.

Here we explain to make your eyes beautiful at every look like office, party, and normal make up.

Office look:- whenever we talk about the office look, we think it must be simple. Like glossy pink lips with light make up and eye liner which makes your eyes bigger and beautiful.


1. First use concealer to remove the dark circle and matches your skin tone.

2. Apply liquid pencil eye liner in black colour on both eye lashes. Liner gives the intense look to your eyes.

3. At last apply your favourite mascara for thicker and gorgeous eye lashes. If you have small eye lashes, artificial eye lashes are also available in market for beautiful look.

4. Now for the lip apply lip gloss or light color lipstick for the office look.

5. If need use face powder or concealer but not compulsory.

Day makeup:- if we going out at night then we have lots of options for eye makeup, but for day we are little confused. So that’s why we are describing the day eye make up look because it is also important to look good at day.


1. Take your favorite concealer which suits you most for the similar skin tone and apply eye liner from the inner corner to outer corner of the eye.

2. Now take light pinkeye shadow and apply it to the lower eye lid just like upper eye lid liner.

3. Take your black colour eye shadow and apply it to middle of the eye and blend it with brush for the better effect.

4. Now its time to my favorite step, applying mascara to your lashes for the bigger eyes.

5. Now apply light color lipstick to your lips or colored lip gloss.

6. You are ready for the outing at the day time.

Night party:- for the night out like party, wedding, or for any other event dark makeup is best that highlight your beauty and gives you stunning look. For night let’s try this makeup.


1. Apply foundation for the even skin tone and don’t forget your eyes, apply it to under eye to hide dark circle.

2. Take grey or black shimmery eye shadow or any warm colours to highlight your eyes.

3. Apply black eyeshadow to outer lid, after that take your eye liner and apply it to your upper eye lid.

4. After that taking your mascara and apply it to both your eye lashes for the beautiful eyes. For the night you can also use artificial eye lashes for the beautiful eyes.

5. Your eye make up is ready, take your favorite lip color and apply it, you can also make lip liner for the perfect lips.

These are few tips of makeup for going out whenever you want. these are also simple tips which you can follow easily to look beautiful and gorgeous. These tips makes people noticed you and remember you for long time by your makeup. So try these simple tips and enjoy your life.

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