Make up for gold dress

Make up for gold dress

When we wear anything for the party, then it is also must to know about the makeup. Make up is the first thing which is mostly noticed by the people and affects your look. So if you wear golden dress then you can go with red lips and smoky eyes, these both suits you.
If you want to go in a party and you did not decided yet about your dress and make up, then you can try golden dress which is easy to buy according to your style. And the second thing is how to make up with the golden dress and need to be popular in the party.

Here are some steps are described for the make up with the gold dress.

1. Before doing anything with your face, it is compulsory to apply primer to make a base and to make your skin smooth and also helps to leave it all day long.

2. After that apply foundation with the help of stippling brush that gives you smooth skin. Apply it to cover all the parts of the face like check bones, chin, nose and forehead.

3. After cover all your face with foundation, now it’s time to use the darker shades of foundation for your chin and cheek to highlight them. This step gives your make up a new style and makes your skin beautiful and attractive.

4. Now it’s time to eye makeup, use waterproof eye liner and apply it for both your eyes lashes to highlight your eyes and make them attractive.

5. After applying liner now take mascara and apply it to your lashes to show make them heavy and beautiful.

6. And at last take your favourite red lipstick applies it to your lips. You can also apply lip liner and after that fill it with your lipstick. For party if you choose dark red colour lipstick then it is good.

Dark make up is always looking good at night party or occasion. So you can try it and famous in your party. this is always make you gorgeous and beautiful. Next time if you go in any party you can choose your gold dress with this make up.

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