Luscious Ombre Lips makeup- Tutorial

Luscious Ombre Lips makeup- Tutorial

Ombre Lips is the latest trend in the fashion industry and many women are fond of trying this lip makeup since it gives a unique and stylish look. Ombre trend is fastly developing in the current scenario right from hair makeup, nail art, clothing trends and finally in lip makeup too.

Ombre lip makeup is the latest lip makeup that is followed my many international models and actresses of Hollywood. It gives them sexy and luscious look and also an easy makeup although it seems to be complicated.

In other words, Ombre Lips are the lips which have different gradient of colors right from the lightest to darkest shade. It looks so full with two different shades along with a dark lip liner around your lip area. It is perfect choice when you wish to expose your lips fuller, larger and darker.

Also, this Ombre makeup is becoming very famous not only in Asian countries but also in other western countries such as United Kingdom, United States of America, Australia, etc.,

Thus, let us check out the steps of doing this Ombre lip makeup.


  1. Scrub and Moisturize:

As we know already, the first and foremost step is to keep our lips ready for any kind of lip makeup. For that, take out a lip scrub and gently rub it on your lips to remove any unwanted rough lines or flaky lines.


After this step, make use of lip balm or petroleum jelly and gently rub it again on your lips to keep moisturize intact on your lips for longer hours.


If you have hyper pigmentation, hide it using dark shaded concealer that is actually 3 times darker than your natural skin tone. If you don’t have any such hyper pigmentation on your lips then skip this step.



  1. Fill the outline with lip liner:

Now take a best creamy matte finish bright lip liner (as red color) and apply it around the outline area of your lips. Gently draw smaller lines and connect it if you cannot draw it in a single stroke.



  1. Perfect Lip stick:

Now choose a perfect lip stick shade (Let it be red color) just same as that of the lip liner and start applying it gently on your lips. Apply it fully on your upper and lower lips and also do not forget to cover the edges of the lips.


Now apply a little light shaded concealer to the center of the lower and upper lips to keep the lip stick color intact and long lasting.



  1. Make use of tissue paper:

Now take a tissue paper and bloat gently to remove the excess lip stick shade from your lips. This step will make your lip color evenly spread on your lips.



  1. Other Lip stick shade:

Now take a bright orange shaded lip stick (Let it be bright coral like orange lipstick) and apply to the center of the upper and lower lips where concealer was already applied.

Now apply transparent glossy lip gloss to the center of your lips to add plumb look and volume to your lips.


Finally, take a thin brush to blend the red lip stick color with the orange color to remove any rough lines on your lips.



  1. Make it more shinier:

Now give more shimmery effect to your lips by applying highlighter eye shadow to your lower lip area. This will highlight your lips more than ever and expose your lips softer.

If you are not interested in this more shimmery effect you can skip this step.



  1. You are ready:

And finally you are all set and ready. You can also bring this ombre effect lip makeup with different lip color shades such as pink and purple, golden and pink, blue and pink and so on.


Definitely you will be the “Center of Attraction” in any parties if you try this Luscious Ombre Lip makeup.

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