Low Calorie Restaurant Swaps

Low Calorie Restaurant Swaps

In this fast moving modern world people like to remain fit so that they can give their maximum in their work. They want to finish the assigned job as soon as possible with the required efficiency in it. And, to do the same it is really essential for them to have a diet that is full of necessary nutrients to help them get the required energy and, at the same time have minimal number of calories so that their efficiency at work is not reduced.

Having various diversions, India shines because of its UNITY. Different cultures, their own festivals and they all own their unique style of cuisines. India very much known for its tasteful spices have varied dishes. Cooking is a creativity and an art which involves experience. Often we love going restaurants for celebrating or on any such small occasions.

The working class people mostly eat in a restaurant nearby to their office or the place where they work. So, it is very important for the restaurants nowadays to make the food having minimal number of calories as the customer they know has now become very cautious of his/her health. So, here we present some low calorie food swaps for the restaurant you must have : –


  1. Skimmed milk : – For all those people who are very health conscious and like cold coffee, it’s better that they drink a fruit milkshake which of course must be sugarless. And the more you drink them the more combination of the vital vitamins and minerals your body will have.


  1. Chicken salad : – We know how we are crazy about pizza or lasagna, but if you want some tasty low calorie food to eat, just switch from the pizza to a simple chicken salad with a bit of mustard sauce and some pepper to add to the taste.


  1. Try having something that has cheese : – Studies have proven that, cheese lowers your cholesterol levels and helps to increase your metabolism rate. So try to have some cheese ravioli or something having a medium amount of cheese we suggest.


  1. For snacks and Desserts : – Avoid eating ice cream and try to have some cold fruit salad. Moreover, try some tortilla or wheat chips instead of the potato chips to shed some amount of calorie form the food.


  1. The Pasta Swap : – Instead of eating your regular pasta, try this instead, i.e. some Artisan Italian sausage with a pepper trio to add to its taste. This will help you save a 220 calories form the pasta that you will eat


  1. Instead of Chicken : – Yup, you also know that a regular chicken meat makes you gain an enormous amount of calories. But, here is a swap for you. Instead of having your regular chicken pizza, try to eat some Chicken Fresco to help you save 558 calories and a small amount of fat of at least 53 grams we suppose.


  1. Spaghetti swap : – Try to have some spaghetti and turkey meatballs. And to add to its flavor add some tomato and onion sauce. Mmmmmm!


So, here most you can might still ask us a question that why are these swaps essential? The answer to it could be that these swaps will give some really good health benefits which include your weight management, help you fight diseases, gives anti-aging benefits, increases your mortality and moreover gives you a large amount of energy than some high calorie foods. So, we might think that these swaps will surely give you some of these benefits mentioned.

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