Look Perfect For Your Special Day – Bridal Makeup Tips For Dry Skin

Look Perfect For Your Special Day – Bridal Makeup Tips For Dry Skin

Doing a perfect and flawless bridal makeup is itself a difficult task. And it becomes more difficult if bride has a dry skin. Dry skin need to be pampered much more than any other skin type as otherwise various dryness signs like, redness, rough skin and creases spoil all the makeup efforts of bride. But don’t worry you need not to get tensed if you have a dry skin and you are going to be a bride soon. Because we have brought you a useful list of tips to perfectly makeup your dry skin without any flaw.


Dry Skin Bridal Makeup Tips–


Exfoliate Skin

Exfoliation is very important for a dry skin. So you need to exfoliate your skin before getting ready for your wedding. Exfoliation will help to nourish your skin from inside by unclogging your skin thus giving fresh and smooth looks.


Cleanse You Face

First of all cleanse your face with a good quality cleanser that is specifically made for dry skin. Cleansing will help to clog the pores of your skin thus delivering moisture to your skin.



Moisturize your skin after cleansing with an appropriate moisturizer. If your skin is extremely dry then you have to use heavy moisturizer so that it may look hydrated throughout your wedding day.



The selection of your foundation should be careful. Choose creamy or liquid foundation in this case because it can deliver your skin appropriate moisture eliminating dry and rough looks of your skin. You should go for foundation that contain appropriate amount of oil.



You should opt concealer that is especially designed for dry skin. If you are thinking to use waterproof concealer then this decision can prove wrong to you this time. As waterproof concealer is not considered good for dry skin because it promotes loss of all the moisture of your skin. Thus you should go for a thick formula based concealer.



Go for a creamy blush as you dry skin will look fresh and glowing using a creamy blush. Avoid powder or gel based blushes. It will be good to go for a peach or pink hue of blush that suits your skin tone.


Say No To Powder

If you have a dry skin then you have to skip applying powder over makeup. Because powder can increase the dryness of your skin making it look rough and dull. So avoid using powder.


Don’t Use Fingers

If you have a dry skin then you should avoid applying makeup using your fingers. You should use good quality brush or cotton for this purpose.


Lips Makeup

To eliminate dryness of your lips, apply a beeswax based lipstick. You can also apply lip balm before using lipstick. If your lips are extra dry then you need to exfoliate your lips to provide those some nourishment. For extra glow put a good kind of clear lip gloss over lipstick. It will make your lips look glossy and excellent.


Eyes Makeup

  • In case of dry skin you need to use creamy eyeshadow rather than powder based so that your eyes don’t seem to be dull and rough. Gofor pink or peach hue of eyeshadow to look fresh and glowing.


  • Choose water-proof mascara. Moisturize eyelashes with moisturizer or olive oil for enhanced looks of your lashes.


In addition to this as we have already discussed dry skin needs extra care and attention for having a flawless makeup. So you need to start nourishing your skin several days before your makeup. Massage your skin daily with olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil and more. Exfoliate skin regularly and keep hydrated. On your wedding day follow the above mentioned tips that we have shared you as these will definitely help you in having flawless bridal makeup for your dry skin.

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