Long hairstyle

Long hairstyle

Long hairstyle is simply meant by hairstyle with long hair. It is mainly preferred by Indian girls and women As we all think that we can’t make swag hairstyle in long hair but that’s not true we can carry so many different hair style with long hair which gives us everyday new look. These long hair styles are not only attractive but stylish to you can carry these hair styles with any type of dress up and the suits on all type of faces. Theses long hair hairstyles are so simple and easy to make in less type and it’s completely change your everyday look.


How to make long hair different hair style:- it’s easy to make any type of long hair hairstyle its simple and take less time to get you into a new look. Here we are going to show you many different type of hair style for long hair.

  • Simple braid: – it’s a simple and regular braid for long hair style.

How to make simple braid:-

  • Start with comb hair properly.
  • Take all back hair and collect them and divide into three equal parts.
  • Make a simple regular twist.
  • End with rubber band when this twisting riches end.



  • Twisted braid: – it’s a twist off hair. It’s only made with simple twist.

How to make twist braid:-

  • Take all hairs.
  • Divide into two parts.
  • Take one part and twist it. Same do with other.
  • After doing this twist together twist them.
  • End separate with rubber band.



  • High pony tail: – it’s also a regular pony tail. Its looks more attractive in long hair.

How to make high pony tail:-

  • First comb all hair on back.
  • Take a rubber band and separate together.
  • Take one flicks from hair and twist it on rubber band.
  • Separate with pins.


  • Fish tail: – it’s an attractive stylish look hair style for long hair. It’s a different type of braid for long hair.

How to make fish tail:-

  • Take all hair together and comb them.
  • Make a simple regular open hair high pony tail.
  • After doing that divide hairs into two parts.
  • Take one parts and separate one thin flick from them.
  • Mix this flacks in second divided hair.
  • Same to with another side.
  • Repeat process till all hair bands.
  • End separating again with a rubber band.


  • Water fall braid: – it’s a braid with take all front and back hair together and make a style like water fall.

How to make water fall braid:-

  • Take some hair from front and on top and divide into three parts.
  • Twist them together like normal regular braid.
  • Twist them twice mix one flicks of one side hair into this.
  • Again to this process from another side.
  • Do till the entire hairs band together.
  • Finish with apply a rubber band at end.


  • One side twist: – it’s simply a rolled hair look which looks attractive on regular.

How to make one side twist hair style:-

  • Comb all hair and then make a side sweat flips.
  • Take one side flicks and give round twist to them.
  • Separate this twist on back with barbi pins.


  • Half up with crown braid hair style: – it’s an attractive look with half open bounce hair with crown style braid.

How to make half up with crown braid hair style:-

  • Start with comb hair.
  • Make two simple thin braids on one side.
  • Same do on another side.
  • Collect them together and band on back with barbi pins.
  • Give some bounce to hair.


  • Front braid band:- it’s give a look like stylish braid hair band on front

How to make front braid band look hair style:-

  • Start with comb hair properly.
  • Start from left hair take hair and start making a normal braid.
  • Make braid till end of hair and cover all front with this braid and separate with pins on another side.


  • Messy braid: – it’s a stylish party look for long hair. It’s easy to make you can carry this to regular look also.

How to make messy braid on long hair:

  • Start with short curly your hair.
  • Curly all hair properly.
  • Make a little fizzy simple braid with this.
  • End separate with rubber band.
  • Apply some hair spray for last longer.


  • Front twist: – in this hair style we cannot only get a look front back but also get a stylish look from front.

How to make front twist:-

  • Make middle sweat flips.
  • Take one flicks from the top of the ear.
  • Twist these flicks.
  • Same do one another side.
  • At back twist them together with rubber band.


  • One side front braid: – it’s a stylish trendy look for long hair. Suites on long and short both type of hair.

How to make one side front braid:-

  • Make a side swept flips.
  • Take some front hair.
  • Divide them into three parts.
  • Make simple regular braid with twist.
  • Separate on back hair with barbi pins.



  • Curly long hairs: – it’s a simple curly hair look which is always trendy and stylish.

How to make curly hair:-

  • Start with washing hair.
  • Apply some hair gel on hair.
  • Take single flicks and round it on curly machine rest for 2 min and after that roll off.
  • Spray some gel on curly hair for last longer.
  • Do same with all hairs.


  • Puff with messy bun: – it’s also a trendy look for long hair if you don’t want to like a open hair look.

How to make puff with messy bun:-

  • Make a little bounce puff on front.
  • Separate this with barbi pins.
  • Make a pony tail on back and twist it on rubber band which with you makes pony tail.
  • Separate with sun bun separate pins.
  • Apply and end with some hair spray gel.


So these regular hair styles are easy to carry and any type of long hair can easily make this hair style which suits on in Indian and western all type of look.

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