Lies about fats

Lies about fats

Many of us have an improper knowledge about diet. May be we are regularly mislead about the eating habits. Lot of lies are spreaded about the fat, but actually the truth is far away from this. People are going sick due to these certain lies. People take advice in order to lose weight but many myths are transmitted to them by different sources and which mislead them. People start dieting to reduce weight and remain hungry, but this is not a proper way. we will have to know the truth behind our diet. If we go to a starving mode then we become poor and sick because our body needs calorie for our daily activities.


  • Saturated fats are dangerous: There are two kinds of fat , unsaturated and saturated. People believe that having saturated fat in diet is dangerous but this is not true. saturated fats do not produce low density lipo protein and no longer harmful for body. they generates the high density lipo protein which reduces the cholesterol in our body.


  • Less fat diet are healthy: Many food manufacturing companies add sugar to foods for reducing fats. also a lot of chemicals are added in them so they become harmful not healthy as a addition of chemical and much sugar makes you sick.


  • Having eggs in diet is bad: people believe that daily use of eggs is not healthy condition. But actually eggs are the great source of protein and makes our bones strong especially in older age bones become weak but having protein in diet makes them stronger, that’s why egg plays a vital role in health and gives the enough amount of energy for work.


  • Vegetable oils are good: It is a common myth among people that we should use vegetable oils in diet but these oils produce the LDP and may cause risky heart disease by increasing the amount of cholesterol in body. Vegetable oils contain hydrogenated fats which are chemically modified and very toxic in nature.


  • More fat can damage body structure: it has been seen that more fat makes you plumpy and you look ugly .But people who take lot of fat in their diet are much stronger than others. so fat makes you strong and gives you a smooth skin, also a essential nutrient for body.


  • Tran’s fats and saturated fat are similar: this is wrong information because their chemical composition is so different from each other. Saturated fats are obtained from animals while Trans fats are artificially prepared by a process known as hydrogenation.


  • Margarine vs. butter: margarine contains unsaturated fat while butter comes in saturated fat. As mentioned above unsaturated fats are UN healthy so try to avoid margarine .serious heart diseases are the result of having these fats. It is also never seen that heart disorder arises due to saturated fats. Many scientific studies have justified this fact also.


  • Fats vs. carbohydrates: As fat gives more energy than carbohydrates. One gram of fat gives 37 joule while carbohydrates just give only 17 joule of energy. it is also discovered that food with high fat are much beneficial in weight lose.


  • coffee is not good for health: From a long ago it is believed that coffee is harmful for health as it increases the blood pressure in some way but actually by having coffee prevents us from several serious diseases. Recently medical science justify that caffeine in coffee improves our mind activities and give a better relax to brain, reduces tiredness. It also boosts the activity percentage of a person. It has seen that coffee drinker have much lower hazard of liver disorders.


Fats are definitely not bad but it’s the essential nutrient that our body needs.

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