Let Us Tell You How To Make Your Own Banana Hair Mask And How To Take It Off!!

Let Us Tell You How To Make Your Own Banana Hair Mask And How To Take It Off!!

Long and straight hair look very beautiful. A nice hair style attracts everyone. But for beautiful hair you need to manage your hair style. Hair mask is a best option to take care of your hair. Hair masks fix your hair and give them a well shape. You can repair your damaged hair with the help of hair mask.


What are hair masks?

Hair masks are very natural and effective for hair’s look. They are normally made up with kitchen ingredients. No harmful chemical is added in it. Hair masks enhance the shine on your hair and provide a natural look. Olive oil, coconut oil, banana, honey, vinegar, yogurt are used in preparation of hair masks. These ingredients can be found in your surrounding easily. So it is very easy to make hair masks with kitchen ingredients. Also it does not require too much time. You can apply hair masks for a short interval of time and can see the result, whereas a parlor treatment may take 40 to 50 minutes.


Benefits of hair masks prepared at home

As you know most of us are common people. we can not go salon daily. But in lack of proper care our hair become dry and dull. So homemade hair mask is a clever choice. It saves our lot of money because it can be made in our home. We need not go to parlor daily, as the goods that are used in their formation are very cheap. They don’t cause an extra burden on your pocket. In this way hair masks save your money. Hair masks are easy to make. They don’t require too much skill and we can make them with the help of kitchen ingredients and a blender.


Points to be considered while selecting hair mask that suits your hair

There are tons of recipes which we may try. Their method of application is very simple. You can apply hair masks onto your scalp with a simple hair colour brush. Hair mask is very effective for the natural shine of hair. A number of environmental factors like dust, sun rays, pollution and dandruff may damage your hair. In order to protect them from further damage, I suggest you to try hair masks.

A lot of goods can be used to make hair masks but it is very important to know about your hair type first. You need to select a best ingredient according to your hair type. Hair may be dry, oily or may be combination of both. So it is very necessary to know about hair type. After knowing hair type you can choose an appropriate ingredient for hair mask. Normally dry hair appear dull and weak. So your hair mask must have such ingredient which can give sufficient moisture to your dry hair.


Methods of making banana hair mask:

As banana contains lot of antioxidants, vitamin E and minerals, it is very effective for dry hair. Banana has a high hydrating quality. It helps to provide enough moisture to hair and makes them shiny and smooth. Today we are going to make banana hair mask.

  1. Take a ripe banana and cut it into pieces.
  2. Take a clean bowl and place these pieces in to it.
  3. Add two teaspoons of olive oil into it. Mix it properly and mash it really well. I suggest you to use a blender to mash and mix it.
  4. Put this mixture into blender and add some coconut oil. Blender can mash it easily.
  5. When you get a fine paste put it into a bowl.

Now your banana hair mask is ready. Apply it on your scalp with the help of a hair colour brush.


Go on with the above tips to get your hair more healthy more bouncy and more shiny with no chemicals.

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