Kerala Bridal Makeup Tutorial

Kerala Bridal Makeup Tutorial

India is country of diversities. In spite of a single country we have numerous languages, traditions and beliefs. Each and every state, sub state or region has its own tradition. Kerala is one of the culture rich states in India with unique traditions of various celebrations. Especially in marriages you will find a great difference when compared to other parts of the country. When it comes to the get up of bride and groom in Kerala then it’s all unique and amazing. Anyways, if you are going to be a Kerala Bride soon then this article is really can prove helpful to you, as we have come to you with amazing tips for doing a wonderful and attractive bridal makeup of Kerala.


Guide To Do A Perfect Kerala Bridal Makeup


  • First of all wash you face with a benign and suitable cleanser and then apply a quality moisturizing lotion so that you skin can get smoother. Primer can also be applied to the face to let the makeup stay for longer period of time.


  • Your lips should also look good on tis auspicious day, so before moving further use a good lip balm to soften your lips in advance.


  • Now you will need to use a light colored concealer in the areas like nose, around the eyes area and more which you need to cover.


  • Now next will include the foundation. Remember you need to use good quality foundation according to your skin texture. Take little amount of foundation on the back of your hand and then apply it to your neck and face gently with the help of finger or a smooth brush. This will diminish all the scars, facial hair or other spots on the skin.


  • Now we need to do the eyes, so take a very neutral shade and apply it all over the eye lid. Apply it with a flat eye shadow brush. Start from the inner corner towards the outer corner.


  • Eye, being an important and attractive part of our body, require careful makeup and if it is done well then only your eyes can make you look like a Kerala princess. So, choose a normal and natural looking shade and apply to your eyelids using brush starting from inner side to the outer side of eyelids.


  • Next you need to have a brown eye shadow that you will apply to the crease. You can also apply a very little amount of this shadow to you lower eyelash crease. It will enhance your eye makeup.


  • Now next you need to use is your kajal and eyeliner. Apply both these things to your eyes, so not use too much of any of these as it will prevent your natural looks.


  • Apply appropriate mascara over your eyelashes.


  • Apply a layer of blush to your skin. Note that the shade of the blush should match your skin color.


  • Lastly you need to work on your lips. Choose a shade that will match your costumes. Before applying lipstick you should apply a quality lip liner. This is an optional step. If you want to lip liner part then that’s ok. Apply the selected lipstick to your lips carefully. You can also use brush to spread the lipstick color thoroughly. Apply a colorless lip gloss on the lipstick so that you lips may get glossy and attractive.


  • Put a red or matching Bindi on the forehead as it will grace your overall looks.


So with all the above steps, our Kerala bride will be ready to attract all the people present in the ceremony. Hope all these makeup guidelines will help you to get ready for your wedding perfectly. So stay, blessed and have a great married life!

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