Jeweled Lips – How To And Tips

Jeweled Lips – How To And Tips

The process of advancement and innovation in fashion, clothing and makeup will never end. It will keep on going and you will keep having newer and newer products to style yourself. When talking about lipsticks, in ancient times we came across lipsticks to color our lips. Then we had lip glosses, lip liners, colored lip balms, liquid lipsticks and more. Along with numerous such products a new lip makeup product has been introduced that is popular among people who love to look unique and grab attention. This is called “Jeweled lips”. You may not have heard about this as most of us go for general lip makeup by applying simple colored shades. But if you are a desperate attention seeker and love to look different among crowd then is products is for you. So let us discuss more about this.


What Are Jeweled Lips?

Jeweled lip, as the name suggests is the makeup done on your lips to decorate them will jewels. We usually color our lips with various favorite shades so make some more fun to your looks, some specific jewels like rhinestones etc. are applied to your lips. These jewels specifically made for your lip makeup are called lip jewels. It can also be referred as Lip Art.


Items Required For Having Jeweled Lips

To perfectly makeup your lips and convert them to jeweled lips your will need following items to your lip makeup kit before you start the application process.


  • Rhinestones or Lip Jewels
  • Primer To prime your lips
  • A good quality lipstick of your choice
  • Cotton balls (Wet)
  • Lip scrub or homemade exfoliator
  • Mirror
  • Glue that is suitable for lips


How ToMakeup Your Lips With Jewels


  • First of all you need to exfoliate your lips either by a lip scrub purchased from market or any homemade solution like sugar honey mixture etc. Exfoliation will let your lips make smooth and free from dead cells and flakes thus supporting a successful lip makeup.


  • Lip exfoliation will cause a bit dryness in your lips so apply appropriate lip balm to your lips to make them moisturized and smooth.


  • Let your lips balm get dries or absorbed by your lips. Also you should remember not to use oily or sticky lip balm. If your lips balm has left oil residues on your lips then wipe them out with soft cloth or makeup remover pad.


  • After that apply a good quality lip primer to cover lips completely. Make sure you use good quality primer from a reputed brand. Take attentive care while applying this as you need not to leave uncovered portion of your lips. Primer will let your lips hide cracks and fine liners giving ultimate finish.


  • Apply your favorite lipstick once you are done with primer. Consider applying fine coating of lipstick so that it can give a darker shade. Apply with a brush for extra control.


  • Blot the excess of lipstick from your lips with the help of tissues. Press the tissue between your both lips. Blotting prevents smudging of your lipstick while also helping it last for long.


  • You can apply another coating if you find patches in your lipstick coating after blotting.


  • Now get your Rhinestones ready to be applied. The jewels used for nail art can also be utilized for lips. But the size of the jewels should not be too short. You should choose jewels that can be perfectly visualized on your lips reflecting a finely made pattern.


  • Take a cotton bud and dip in the glue and apply that glue on the back of your Rhinestone.


  • Now place the Rhinestone on your lips and press with a light hand so that it can stick to your lips perfectly.


  • Apply more jewels to your lips this way. You can apply them in the pattern your wish.


  • Let them dry and make sure that these are appropriately on the place.


This way you can have perfectly jeweled lips at home.

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