Japanese Hair Straightening

Japanese Hair Straightening

Japanese hair straightening also known as thermal reconditioning is an easy way of achieving the straight hair you always desired. This was a revolutionary product that took the industry by storm in the early 2000’s . For those with unmanageable, curly hair it was a god send and has often been called the miracle product by stylists all across the global .



Japanese Hair Straightening uses a special solution (applicator ) that’s applied to the hair. The solution in turn breaks down the hair’s bonds and gives it its shape i.e. making it pin-straight with the help of a flat-iron. It manipulates heat from a special iron to restructure the bonds in the hair. The applicator changes the shape of the hair follicle so that it falls completely straight.

The process starts with saturating the hair with this solution, rinsing , drying it with a blow dryer. A neutralizer is then applied which locks the style in place. The top three methods use roughly the same procedure: relax the hair, apply proteins and conditioners, flat-iron it straight and apply a neutralizing solution.



Thermal reconditioning is a simple process which works as follows:


Consultation and examinationthis usually happens on your first consultation. The stylist examines your hair type , the kind of shampoo and conditioner you use as you need separate directions for treated and untreated hair.


Shampoo and blow-dry – usually this process can be skipped if on the appointment day you pre wash your hair and go to the saloon, but if the stylist feels that the hair isn’t clean he may be inclined to wash your hair again .


Application of activator – after cleaning and blow drying your hair the stlyist will apply the activator which will be the first binding of hair . This is the part where you sit and wait it out . Depending on the length , thickness and texture of your hair this process can take anywhere form 45mins to 3hr .


Rinse and blow dry– after the stipulated time passes, the stylist re-examines your hair strands and then rinses the applicator and blow dries the hair clean.


Flat ironing– the important part of the next step is flat ironing your hair as it binds your hair in the form you desire. The ironing helps in giving a definite shape to your hair. It is ironed with a ceramic iron in small 1/8th sections so as to ensure maximum coverage and a definite shape.


Neutrilazation – after your hair is in the shape you desire it to be, the hair is neutralized so as to remove any remaining traces of chemicals in your hair .


Rinse and condition ­- To give you the final, glossy look that you desire.


Blow dry and flat iron as needed for the final bonding of hair.



Don’t relax as yet, there is more.                                                                                                                                 It’s really important to take care of your hair post treatment for a smoother and finer finish. Hair wash is recommended only after 72hrs. Also, make sure you do not pin it up or pull it up into a pony tail. A contact with water during this period is undesired so much so that even accumulation of sweat can hamper results.

The entire process is labor and time-intensive. Depending on the length of your hair and its thickness, you can expect to be in the salon for a few hours.


Note- please do not attempt to do this at home all by yourself. There are a lot of things that are taken into consideration before you go through with it. Consult a hair stylist. There are a variety of saloons that offer this service, take your pick and enjoy your new hair style.

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