Is Tea Tree Oil Helpful In Curing Dandruff?

Is Tea Tree Oil Helpful In Curing Dandruff?

Scalp problem has become common in the day to day life adding to the dandruff issue. Keeping yourself busy in work and then taking care of the hair and skin has really become a tough job. With less time available, there is more work to do on hair care. So why not concentrate on one step and explore it fully??? And that to when you know that you would get hundred per cent result on a positive note.

Yes, we are talking about tea tree oil. Wondering how it helps??? It is very obvious that oils like almond and olive have always reached up to the mark but tea tree oil is not left behind though. There are numerous advantages that tea tree oil holds. Making the best use of the advantages is up to you.


How tea tree oil is helpful in curing dandruff???

Tea tree oil originates from the leaves of melaleuca alternifolia, a plant found in native Australia. The oil is produced by the steam distillation of the mentioned leaves. Tea tree oil clears every step and joins the clan of helpful oils in curing dandruff. Let us see how.

  • Dandruff can be caused due to fungal infection which might get serious if not taken care in time. The fungus is always present on the scalp but in a deactivated state. The microbial action which may cause the fungus to grow generates extra skin cells which lead to the formation of dandruff. The tea tree oil is anti fungal in nature and thus helps in killing the cause of the fungus.


  • Other than fungus the scalp is also the source of many more microorganisms. These are present deep inside the roots. Tea tree oil encloses terpinen-4-ol which has the quality to penetrate deep into the roots entering the hair follicles to unclog and act on the microorganisms which may become the trigger for the formation of dandruff. Therefore further itchiness and irritation are completely pulled off.


  • The growth of dandruff can be degenerated if the scalp remains hydrated and balanced in moisture. If the scalp remains moisturised throughout the day then the dead skin cells are unable to be formed thus clearing out dandruff. This can be accomplished by the tea tree oil which takes all charges to keep the scalp hydrated.


  • The scalp can be attacked by other germs or pollutants when left exposed throughout the day. Once the germs start to grow on the scalp it becomes difficult to keep off as it leads to the additional hair problems like falling of hair and unwanted itching. Tea tree oil is a natural germicide which acts as an antiseptic for the scalp in such a condition. It helps clearing up the germs and strengthening the roots.


  • Sometimes the sebaceous glands in the scalp secrete excess sebum due to which the hair follicles are blocked. This blockage gradually increases and the fungus present in the scalp gets activated leading to infections. This infection creates dandruff followed itchiness. The application of tea tree oil in such a case unblocks the sebum and thus frees the follicles from the blockage. Now your scalp is safe and your hair is fit and fine.


The above mentioned points prove that tea tree oil is helpful in curing the dandruff without any doubt. The oil can be mixed with other oils such as the olive, almond or lavender oil to have sure results on the scalp. It works effectively if a hot oil massage is given or simple massage on the scalp. So extract a few hours to spend for your hair care using the tea tree oil to its best.

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